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The biggest lesson from the flipped classroom
At least one substantive observation about flipping classrooms: it ain't about just getting by. "it rejects the notion that college is about just barely getting by in the nick of time, and instead it promotes a personal model of staying on top of things and getting things done. This is  a form of self-regulated learning and something university students must absolutely master at some point, sooner rather than later."

But I wonder if this can be addressed simply by teaching students time management.
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october 2013 by mcmorgan
'Introduction to Ancient Rome,' the Flipped Version - Commentary
Observations on flipping. An observation on outsourcing content

"But in the humanities, at least, a flipped class is unlikely to work very well with content created by someone other than the instructor because doing so reduces the instructor's authority in the eyes of the students. Mohamed Noor, a biology professor at Duke University, used his own Coursera course to flip his campus-based course. But I suspect that the flipped class would have been substantially less successful if he had been required to use someone else's lectures and other course materials as the "textbook" of his own course.

"In basic terms, every instructor tells his or her own story with the course content. Not only is that part of the fun, but it's the place where our research intersects with our teaching. Furthermore, students tell us that an essential component of a successful flipped class is a strong connection between in-class and outside-of-class activities."

And another about generic activities -
"Another key secret about flipping a class: Content delivery is the easy part. The hard part is figuring out what to do in class that keeps students engaged, and motivated to prepare for class. In other words, they have to come to see the value of doing assigned pre-class work and then see that coming to class is an efficient way to learn (or, more precisely, to earn high grades). It will take considerable effort and resources, not to mention additional classroom support staff in larger classes, to run pedagogically sound flipped classes. It will take a lot of energy to develop activities that work for one's particular audience—and what works for my group may well not work for a class at Haverford or Yale.
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july 2013 by mcmorgan
Musicianship Resources - Git Hosted
Interesting for two things: explanation of the practices of the flipped course, and hosting the resources as a blog on GitHub. Oh, and for the design of the materials, too.
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may 2013 by mcmorgan

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