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Choral Explanations and OER: A Summary of Thinking to Date | Hapgood
Mike's OV of choral voices. I'm connecting the choral with the Greek chora.
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july 2016 by mcmorgan
Is “The Web As a Tool For Thought” a Gating Item? | Hapgood
> The first, biggest, and most important step is to get people to think of the web as something bigger than just conversation or expression. Once we do that, the reasons why things like annotation layers, linked data and federated wiki make sense will be come clear. Until then, we’ll stay stuck in the DMV parking lot.
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june 2016 by mcmorgan
The Garden and the Stream: A Technopastoral | Hapgood
Its about trailblazing, building the garden. Getting your mojo workin. It's a lead reading for Weblogs and Wikis because it's something no one has been talking about, much less doing.

"Everybody wants to play in the Stream, but no one wants to build the Garden."

"I’m blown away by the vision of this every time I read this. But not because this has happened, but because it *hasn’t* happened. I’m blown away because here, in 2015, there are elements to this vision that we still haven’t explored.... More than that, there’s a substance to the vision that you can’t help but long for reading it. Note that connections here aren’t banter, but the construction of a mental model of a subject area. And that model can be taken by someone else and extended, built on. Humanity can advance, not through argument by through a true collaboration."
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october 2015 by mcmorgan
The Quiet Page & Linking the Web | Heart | Soul | Machine
Tim Klapdor introduces the Quiet Page: linked, annotatable, contextualized, and shared.

To annotate it myself. To highlight underline and note. To visualise and add my experience with the text. (Personal)
To view others experiences of the text. To see their notes and discussions. To see their highlights and to experience the text in a social and shared way. (Social)
To create trails. To connect the text to other content, ideas and resources myself. To place the text in my context, my experience and my knowledge. (Synthesis)
And then to share those trails. To let others see how I’ve contextualised the text. To see my experience but to then be able to add to it and expand it. (Connected)
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july 2015 by mcmorgan
Webs Of Thinkers And Thoughts - WebSeitz/wiki
Jul'2015: triggered by Mike Caulfield recent posts (emphasis on curating, connecting, annotations) plus others' responding/riffing, want to start over without even assuming wiki. Context/goals…
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july 2015 by mcmorgan
Beyond Conversation - FedWiki
"In the newer style, content is kept fairly short, and fairly link-less. But at the bottom of the articles we annotate by linking to other content with short explanations of each link. ... People seeing your links can choose accept or reject them. Good and useful connections can propagate along with the page. I mentioned ages ago (was it really only November?) that as federated wiki pages move through a system they are improved, and that’s true. But the more common scenario is that as they move through a system they are connected."

As Mike suggests, it's the federation that makes this style of linking valuable, with links accruing as the article is distributed through the neighborhood. Each paragraph is a module, which effectively keeps the link outside the content, while making it possible to drop a link into the stream of an article at any point. This way of linking further distinguishes between wiki writing and, f'rinstance, blog writing. Different genres, different functions.
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july 2015 by mcmorgan
The tools don't get you the job
An argument that goes behind open source. Teach theory and the tools will find their own way. "Education is not meant to structure itself to the expectations of people seeking education." And "And maybe even sadder is that instead of teaching the students to be independent, to think about things in a different way, we educators are teaching people to fail. We are teaching up-and-comers that if something stands in your way, the correct response is to either throw money at it, and if you haven't got the money, then either get out or surrender, but do not under any circumstance deviate from the established course that the ads have proscribed"
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june 2015 by mcmorgan
The EDUCAUSE NGDLE and an API of One's Own -e-Literate
A well-considered response to the EDUCAUSE paper on painting the LMS a new color. A federated and personal PLE would address the EDUCAUSE criteria for LEGO, while also opening the doors to alternative models of teaching and learning - like letting the student control her content.
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june 2015 by mcmorgan
Don’t Stop the FedWiki Party
Some consideration of fundamentals of fedwiki from Alan.
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may 2015 by mcmorgan
Wiki as Pattern Language - cunningham and mehaffy
"We describe the origin of wiki technology, which has become widely influential, and its relationship to the development of pattern languages in software. We show how the relationship is deeper than previously understood. The deep shared logic points to unrealized potential, with expanded capability for wikis – including a new generation of “federated” wiki. We draw conclusions about the use of this and related technology to “curate” (collectively gather and refine) knowledge systems."
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may 2015 by mcmorgan
The FedWiki Happening | Heart | Soul | Machine
Tim Klapdor comments on the first FedWiki Happening.
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may 2015 by mcmorgan
In Defense of Links, Part One: Nick Carr, hypertext and delinkification — Wordyard
Critique of Carr's assertion about links as distraction. "Links, like words, need to be used judiciously." First part of three posts on significance of links. Followed in 2015 by his Failed Promise of Deep Links.
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may 2015 by mcmorgan
The Failed Promise of Deep Links — Backchannel — Medium
Reconsideration of link history from Bush to oogle commercializing the link. "Instead of sharing linked trails of knowledge that we’ve blazed, we leave piles of data around that service providers mine for value." - and sell back to us as value. We need to Recover the Link.
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may 2015 by mcmorgan
The OER Case for Federated Wiki | Hapgood
Iterating towards openness. Mike discusses the workflow virtues of open by way of a how to. Next stop: federated wordpress.
fedwiki  wordpress  howto  Oer 
may 2015 by mcmorgan
Deploying a wiki
As labeled. On fedwiki.
april 2015 by mcmorgan
Fedwiki as a mockup prototype
Looks at FedWiki as a "mockup" prototype of Ward's next vision. Where as WikiWiki is a means for many to work on one piece of content (convergence) stored in one server, what if the similar mechanisms were in a place where we each manage our own small wiki, but through a network means, we can share and have it federated with collaborators.
fedwiki  rhetoric  chorusofvoices 
april 2015 by mcmorgan
Reflections on Federated Wiki Happening 2014 | catherinecronin
Forget if I tweeted this @catherinecronin reflection on #fedwiki yet, but it's well worth a read.
fedwiki  chorusofvoices 
april 2015 by mcmorgan
Reflection on #fedwiki: Two Tales of Two Forks | Francesbell's Blog
Thoughtful piece by @francesbell on forking in #fedwiki cc @WardCunningham
fedwiki  forking 
april 2015 by mcmorgan
Federated Wiki, Slow Cooperation, and a Kindle Parable | Hapgood
A Kindle Parable for #fedwiki participant's and a very partial reply to one part of @francesbell's post ;)
april 2015 by mcmorgan
Down the Rabbit Hole of The #Fedwiki | Spoke & Hub
Put this: “@AlysonIndrunas: Down the Rabbit Hole of #Fedwiki ” with this: @Siobhan_ODwyer:
april 2015 by mcmorgan
Thoughts in motion | Jon Udell
More #fedwiki goodness from Jon Udell, this time on the possibilities when revision histories understand paragraphs:
april 2015 by mcmorgan
#Fedwiki is EASyR than you Think | Frogs in Hot Water
This post by @chambo_online is awesome: #Fedwiki is EASyR than you Think
april 2015 by mcmorgan
A Season in the #fedwiki | Spoke & Hub
What does that title mean, you ask? During the Teaching Machines Happening, I learned many things that surprised me, and on this post, I’d like to write about two of them–teaching and…
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april 2015 by mcmorgan
Open Pedagogy: The Importance of Getting In the Air
“Open pedagogy” is the universe of teaching and learning practices that are possible when you adopt OER but are impossible when you adopt traditionally copyrighted materials. Earlier than infancy, this field is still embryonic in its development. This is largely due to the fact that copyright is so universal in its overreaching that it has become ubiquitous, pervasive, ambient. The restrictions of copyright shackle and direct our behavior as invisibly but constantly as the proverbial water the proverbial fish is incapable of seeing. As I’ve written before:
Oer  fedwiki  pedagogy  cc  copyright 
march 2015 by mcmorgan
Federated Education: New Directions in Digital Collaboration | Hapgood
Mike Caufield, keynote. The entry point for discussion onFedWiki. movement from I to you to we. "We’ve moved from the personal, to the dialogic, to the expository. We’re working on resources and ideas together rather than thumbs-up or thumbs-downing. Kind of lovely, right?"
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december 2014 by mcmorgan

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