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David Gergen: President Trump's attacks on media pose 'growing' threat to America - Feb. 18, 2018
> "This is what splits a country apart," he added. "In many other countries, it's been the beginnings of an authoritarian rule. And that's the larger threat hanging over us now...I find that the threat is growing."

> "We think our democracy can survive anything, but these things happen slowly and then suddenly," Pfeiffer said.
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february 2018 by mcmorgan
Top U.S. officials tell the world to ignore Trump’s tweets - The Washington Post
Dateline Munich + foreign policy + trump means pay attention.

> One diplomat, speaking on the condition of anonymity to avoid provoking Trump, asked whether policymakers like McMaster who adhere largely to traditional U.S. foreign policy positions were falling into the same trap as Germany’s elite during Hitler’s rise, when they continued to serve in government in the name of protecting their nation.
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february 2018 by mcmorgan
Inside Trump’s Hour-by-Hour Battle for Self-Preservation - The New York Times
At a turning point, the NYT reflects. But there are shades of a Hitler regime tamping down opposition and resistance by delegitimization.
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december 2017 by mcmorgan

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