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The Psychological Trick Behind Trump’s Misleading Terror Statistics - POLITICO Magazine
A psychologist tries a hand at rhetorical analysis.

> People perceive risk based largely on emotion, and terrorism is unquestionably frightening.

It’s about the rhetor, not the audience, in this case. An admin that knowingly plays an audience the way the admin does is engaged in more than a trick.
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january 2018 by mcmorgan
Powerful feedback loops, and why should you care «
A real-time blog feedback loop turns an audience hostile and dynamites an ethos: within minutes of his posting the story, someone in Florida emailed him a link to a story about Naccio cashing $200 in stock even as his company stock prices dropped. Gillmor posted that link in his next post, and almost instantly, the audience began to turn hostile against Naccio."
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november 2008 by mcmorgan
Don’t say it, type it
Looks briefly at how users value txt and IM/online exchange over f2f and phone. Makes some gross and unsubstantiated claims about users. Recovers a lot of early 90s cmc observations. It might be valuable to see the study.
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october 2006 by mcmorgan

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