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President Trump Shares Anti-Obama Eclipse Meme |
Semiotic misfire. Language is bigger than we are.

> The President's opponents are not above just this kind of semiotic misfire.
meme  semiotics  erhetoric 
august 2017 by mcmorgan
Context, Commentary, and Close Reading: What Slate’s Annotated “Bartelby” Can Tell Us About Reading and Writing with Digital Annotation
> the already-annotated text (like Kahn’s “Bartelby”) is good for some kinds of reading, but not others. Specifically, while digital annotation overcomes some of the barriers to readerly engagement with a complex text, like lack of historical knowledge and interpretive experience, it also short-circuits the kind of intensive or “close” reading traditionally valued in literary studies. But the process of annotation modeled here helps productively deconstruct the writing/reading dichotomy, at the same time activating both close and contextual reading. “Bartelby” offers a useful model for how digital annotation tools and practices can be productively used in the writing classroom.
notetaking  annotation  erhetoric 
july 2016 by mcmorgan
Language Log » Gertrude Trump
There is Trump is channeling Gertrude Stein in his prose but there is no there there.
erhetoric  rhetoric  modernism 
june 2016 by mcmorgan
Transmission Model of Communication
David Chandler critiques Shannon and Weaver's model as it has been used in common culture. Not merely mostly harmless. "In short, the transmissive model is of little direct value to social science research into human communication, and its endurance in popular discussion is a real liability. Its reductive influence has implications not only for the commonsense understanding of communication in general, but also for specific forms of communication such as speaking and listening, writing and reading, watching television and so on. In education, it represents a similarly transmissive model of teaching and learning. And in perception in general, it reflects the naive 'realist' notion that meanings exist in the world awaiting only decoding by the passive spectator. In all these contexts, such a model underestimates the creativity of the act of interpretation."
communication  Dh  erhetoric 
december 2015 by mcmorgan
Re-imagining Twitter
Example of how making it complex changes its potential. There's nothing intuitive about categories and stories: they are social concepts imported to bootstrap connection. What they do is make contextual information explicit rather than implicit. That adds to what can be carried by 140 characters. Ease of use gives way to augmentation. The link to lowercase capital in the subhead of the article is both a prominent move and a declaration of alignment (calling attention to itself *because* it's in the subhead). If we make it more complex, more people will use it!
twitter  erhetoric  augmentation  socialmedia  socialpractices 
june 2015 by mcmorgan
Hashtags Hammer Grammar (or Not) – Lingua Franca=
This is more a remark on the rhetorical use of the hashtag in tweets than the grammatical construction of it - and that's at the center of the "It follows no rules!" whinge. It does, but they are rhetorical guidelines, not grammatical rules.

Glad I cleared up that problem.
erhetoric  hashtags  categorization 
january 2015 by mcmorgan
Startup Board Decks: Free Templates from VCs | NextView Venture
how one VC defines the rhet sit for entrepreneurs. it's socilizaion, not education. On, let's be frank: it's a Trojan horse, a way of trying to control the agenda.
rhetoric  erhetoric  business  venture_capltalism 
august 2014 by mcmorgan
How Bill Gates pulled off the swift Common Core revolution - The Washington Post
The money and denial of politicizing are interesting, but the lead in are the rhetorical "tool kits" of form letters and emails for homogenizing the rhetorical movement.
erhetoric  rhetoricalvelocity 
june 2014 by mcmorgan
The Anatomy of the Perfect Blog Post
It's a sure thing. It's based on Science. Consider what perfect means here: SEO ranking and shareable. Still, this is one of the rare how-tos that build in sharing and skimming to the reading. It helps us see the genre, and get a sense of how commodification drives it.
rhetoric  wcw  wcwexample  erhetoric  techwriting  lists  perfection 
may 2014 by mcmorgan
Secrets to Success with Email Autoresponders
A consideration of the rhet sit on the edge of spamming. Articles like these open up the reasoning of the rhetors while concealing their motivation.
erhetoric  persuasion  persuasive_technologies 
may 2014 by mcmorgan
How to make your posts stand out on the Web: The complete guide to social media formatting
One gigantic tip: CALL ATTENTION BY SHOUTING. Then collapse in defeat when you're ignored like Chicken Little.
dh  erhetoric 
february 2014 by mcmorgan
Cult of Android MobileWhy Google Wants to ‘Can’ Your Messages | Cult of Android
sorry. im out of thr office but will get back 2 u when eye return. eof
dh  wcw  erhetoric 
december 2013 by mcmorgan
Digital Writing Uprising: Third-order Thinking in the Digital Humanities | Literacies | HYBRID PEDAGOGY
Oh boy. Right on time for WCW - to find a new name as Digital Writing for Professionals - and considering rhetorical velocity.
wcw  erhetoric  digital_literacy  scholarship2.0 
november 2013 by mcmorgan
Why Microsoft Word must Die - Charlie's Diary
A good Sunday rant based on a good solid history of the Word and understanding of code and interface. Read this on BSU ITS. Behind the scene is a concern with interface and action.
erhetoric  prosestyle  rant  wordprocessjng 
october 2013 by mcmorgan
Wikipedia:Too long; didn't read
don't often bookmark Wikipedia, but this entry is a valuable reminder. "A common mis-citation of this essay is to ignore the reasoned and actually quite clear arguments and requests for response presented by an unnecessarily wordy editor with a flippant "TL;DR" in an attempt to discredit and refuse to address their strongly-presented ideas and/or their criticism of one's own position. This is a four-fold fallacy: ad hominem, appeal to ridicule, thought-terminating cliché, and simple failure to actually engage in the debate because one is supposedly too pressed for time to bother, the inverted version of proof by verbosity."
erhetoric  sarcasim 
october 2013 by mcmorgan
Worried About Message, Colleges Scrutinize Social Media - Technology - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Let's silence 'em by glaring at 'em. The university concern might be well-placed, but it looks like privatization is starting to influence how unis present themselves.
september 2013 by mcmorgan
Using Photos Legally
Guidelines for using images online.
fcw  erhetoric  techwriting  copyright 
july 2013 by mcmorgan
Rowling and "Galbraith": an authorial analysis
Stylistic analysis explained on the way to Rowling's confession.
erhetoric  linguistics  prosestyle 
july 2013 by mcmorgan
Digital Humanities Pedagogy: Practices, Principles and Politics - Open Book Publishers
Pdf book

" Digital Humanities Pedagogy is a compelling and important collection of work on different aspects of pedagogy in the digital humanities, raising an extremely timely set of questions for instructors, advisors, and administrators alike.
erhetoric  pedagogy  DH 
january 2013 by mcmorgan
Datafication: How the Lens of Data Changes How We See Ourselves
Fair intro to the more complex theme of self- and cultural-construction.
fyi  dat  identity  erhetoric 
december 2012 by mcmorgan
Example for en3177 of blog argument / comment. Snarky, but authoritative - and in balance with Coulter's attitude towards her subject.
en3177  erhetoric 
december 2012 by mcmorgan
Tumblr as a Commonplace Book
Lightly researched, and makes a pretty obvious point: archiving is good for you. This creates an opening for more work: how is it good? what else?
blogging  commonplacebook  notetaking  notebooks  erhetoric  DH 
december 2012 by mcmorgan
Flying Logic : Software for Visual Planning Support : About
Hmm. Marketing speak, pseudo-method, or something substantive here. That I have to ask the question suggests the former.
fyc  erhetoric  rhetoric 
september 2012 by mcmorgan
Digitally Savvy Students Play Hide-and-Seek With Campus Messages - Technology - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Plight of the campus communicators when students don't want to listen, I guess. The problem is not using email but HOW they use email.
erhetoric  techwriting 
september 2012 by mcmorgan
#fuckyouwashington « BuzzMachine
The start of the #fuckyouwashington hashtag escspade. How a hash gets started and moving.
twitter  hashtag  erhetoric  #en3177 
august 2011 by mcmorgan
No one owns a hashtag « BuzzMachine
From the originator of #fuckyouwashington, which created a minor hashblurp. Some thoughts on how the tag functions socially.
twitter  hashtag  fyw  fyc  erhetoric  en3177 
august 2011 by mcmorgan
This Spam Infographic About Spam Infographics Makes My Head Hurt
Recursion. Gaming Digg. Adding spam as value-added. I knew that infographic meme was lame.
spam  infographics  erhetoric 
september 2010 by mcmorgan
Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive « alex.moskalyuk
Love 'em or 'ate 'em. "a pop psych book, where a bunch of research in psychology is distilled into one readable volume. ... 50 scientifically proven ways constitute 50 chapters of the book, longest of which take 7 pages. The authors take the position that persuasion is a science, not art, hence with the right approach anybody can become the master in the skill of persuasion." Many of the techniques aren't about designing so much as appeals to pathos and presentation. And they say *rhetoric* is dodgy! 
rhetoric  erhetoric  persuasion  persuasive_technologies 
august 2010 by mcmorgan
Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Experiments in delinkification
Pop piece for Web Content Writing on placing links effectively. Old hat. Nielson was on this years ago, and rhetoricians were suggesting alternatives long before this piece was conceptualized - as the comments on the post point out.
wcw  links  en3177  erhetoric  socialpractices 
july 2010 by mcmorgan
De inventione punctus | Bookfuturism
Little bib on changing punctuation conventions, some of the speculation resting too much on ... um ... speculation. Leaves out Crystal and Baron. "All signs suggest punctuation is in flux. In particular, our signs that mark grammatical (and sometimes semantic) distinctions are waning, while those denoting tone and voice are waxing."
writing  writinglore  punctuation  fyc  twwt  erhetoric 
july 2010 by mcmorgan
Overview | Pew Internet - reports reduction in blogging from teens
Blogging is less popular among teens than it has been, with social networking sites rising. That can make blogging all the more useful in teaching as it becomes further differentiated as a medium from other media.
en3177  erhetoric  blogging  socialnetworking 
february 2010 by mcmorgan
How Online Retailers Read Your Mind - Gadgetwise Blog -
Color and design don't persuade but make the mind receptive to an aspect of a message.
rhetoric  fyc  visualrhetoric  visualliteracy  erhetoric  neuromarketing 
december 2009 by mcmorgan
Deeplinking » Consciousness, Pleasure and Website Addiction
Map of visual processing centers of the brain, and extension of Ware's ideas. Why droodles are more satisfying than doodles.
fyc  design  visualdesign  erhetoric 
december 2009 by mcmorgan
Planned Obsolescence
Kathleen Fitzpatrick. Book is being written with CommentPress
print  book  publishing2.0  erhetoric  ebook  scholarship  ebooks  peerreview 
november 2009 by mcmorgan
The Conversation Prism
A PR piece version of Rhetoric 101. Useful and revealing for the language the authors use to frame their version of social exchange - even while they hold themselves up as non-experts.

"People aren’t lured into relationships simply because you cast the bait to reel them into a conversation.

"Sincerity extends beyond the mere act of creating a profile on Twitter or forming a fan page on Facebook or a group on LinkedIn. The dual definition of transparency serves very different forms of both genuine and hollow separated by intent and impression. Relationships are measured in the value, action, and sentiment that others take away from each conversation. Talking “at” or responding without merit, intelligence, or quality grossly underestimates the people you’re hoping to befriend and influence.

"If participation were this simple, then perhaps everyone would excel as a Social Media “expert.”'
rhetoric  web2.0  socialpractices  socialmedia  erhetoric 
april 2009 by mcmorgan
Wordle - Barack Obama Inaug09
<a href="" title="Wordle: Barack Obama Inaug09"><img src="" alt="Wordle: Barack Obama Inaug09" style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd"></a>
wordle  erhetoric  en3177 
january 2009 by mcmorgan
Confessions of an Aca/Fan: Reconsidering Digital Immigrants...
Argues that the terms digital natives and digital immigrants are increasingly problematic. The metaphors mask significant ideas.
digitalnatives  twwt  erhetoric 
january 2009 by mcmorgan
Twitter at MLA II: Panel notes | HASTAC
MLA panel on Twitter with David Parry and others,
twitter  en3177  erhetoric  academic  research 
january 2009 by mcmorgan
Notebook Reviews at Deeplinking
I can't even use notebooks my handwriting has gone down so far. But I like them.
notetaking  notebooks  handwriting  writinglore  erhetoric  material 
december 2008 by mcmorgan
Annie Mole on if:book and reading underground
Annie sums up her observations of reading in motion.
en3177  ebook  erhetoric  reading 
december 2008 by mcmorgan
if:book: On the Virtues of Preexisting Material: A Manifesto, By Rick Prelinger
Wake up. We draw on an build on what came before. Documentors of the world unite. Originality is over-rated, and quilting is a form of sampling.
erhetoric  copyright  web2.0  sampling 
november 2008 by mcmorgan
Powerful feedback loops, and why should you care «
A real-time blog feedback loop turns an audience hostile and dynamites an ethos: within minutes of his posting the story, someone in Florida emailed him a link to a story about Naccio cashing $200 in stock even as his company stock prices dropped. Gillmor posted that link in his next post, and almost instantly, the audience began to turn hostile against Naccio."
erhetoric  blogging  marketing  authenticity  ethos 
november 2008 by mcmorgan
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