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The Un-education of a Technologist: From EDUPUNK to ds106 | bavatuesdays
By happenstance maybe? provides a gloss and commentary on the April 2015 EDUCAUSE Next-Generation LMS report for more of the same by re-awakening more of the different.
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june 2015 by mcmorgan
Networked Study | bavatuesdays
Groom, Downes, Feldstien debate OER, discovered by way of Mike Caulfield here: saving in many places.
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august 2014 by mcmorgan
I get by by being quiet. Wikis and blogs not as an alternative to corporate LMS, but LMS as would-be wikis and blogs.
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april 2013 by mcmorgan
Open Contempt - UBC Wiki
via zombiescholar. Brian Lamb on OER, new academic cultures, EduPunk and all the rest of it this place is getting to me I can't take it any more I could get out of here and move to Canada that's where stuff it happening or maybe someplace in Cumbria Far Sawrey looked good
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march 2011 by mcmorgan
Never Mind the Edupunks; or, The Great Web 2.0 Swindle
Here's a chord. Here's another. Now go form a band. Brian Lamb and Jim Groom critique open ed, sneaky commodification, Vivienne Westwood, and the coming New Romantics. This is where we are, again. Like old home week. "It may not surprise readers that the two of us—a couple of embittered Gen-X'ers who've been associated with the "edupunk" aesthetic—look at the commodification of online educational environments with distaste. At the risk of indulging our stereotypical knee-jerk anti-corporatism, we note here several concerns."
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august 2010 by mcmorgan

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