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Illogic of Sense: The Gregory L. Ulmer Remix
"Illogic of Sense: The Gregory L. Ulmer Remix" is an exciting new ebook publication that employs theorist Gregory Ulmer's invocation to invent new forms of electronic writing. As the ebook's editors,
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october 2014 by mcmorgan
20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web
Shiny Google People promote their vision life, the universe, html5, and everything in the guise of a children's book. More myopic than Microsoft, heavier-handed than a railway baron, more condescending than Bill Buckley. It's all about revision and Manifest Destiny, wrapped up in a shameless rip of Dr Seuss figures. Sure, it shows what they can do with html5, but so would an html version of The Wasteland. Meh.
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november 2010 by mcmorgan
Planned Obsolescence
Kathleen Fitzpatrick. Book is being written with CommentPress
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november 2009 by mcmorgan
if:book: a clean well-lighted place for books
"The purpose of this new set of notes is to expand the thinking beyond how a specific text is presented or interacted with. Reading (and writing) do not happen only at the level of the individual work. There is a broad ecology of behaviors, activities and micro-environments that surround each work and our relationship to it -- how things come to be written, how we choose what to read, how we make the purchase, how we share our experience with others. Currently (i.e. toward the end of age of print), that ecology is defined by agent/editor mechanisms of acquisition, sharp delineation between authors and readers, top-down marketing, heavy reliance on big mainstream media to get the word out, the bookshelves that make our books part of our daily life, bookstores and -- yes -- Amazon."
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september 2009 by mcmorgan
Birkerts - Resisting the Kindle - The Atlantic (March 2, 2009)
I see in the turning of literal pages—pages bound in literal books—a compelling larger value, and perceive in the move away from the book a move away from a certain kind of cultural understanding, one that I’m not confident that we are replacing, never mind improving upon.
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april 2009 by mcmorgan
extraordinary book sculpture
"Dettmer's sculptures invite us to think about deeply-held taboos around the sanctity of books as objects; a conversation that recurs - especially in the context of e-readers - around discussion of digitized text."
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april 2009 by mcmorgan
Annie Mole on if:book and reading underground
Annie sums up her observations of reading in motion.
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december 2008 by mcmorgan
if:book: time out and some of what went into it
Encountering books - Updike is talking about a certain kind of reading, the kind that is best suited to the sorts of things he writes: novels, short stories and criticism. But it would be a mistake to apply this as a universal principle for all books,
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june 2008 by mcmorgan
Proboscis | SoMa | home
Projects and products that oscillate between digital and atoms, collaboration. digital / material mashups and re-mediations
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june 2008 by mcmorgan
We-think: The power of mass creativity - Charles Leadbeater
v. chap 3 for bloggy media. notable for being a draft posted for comment and for its thesis: "Most creativity is collaborative. It combines different views, disciplines and insights in new ways. The opportunities for creative collaboration are expanding"
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january 2007 by mcmorgan

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