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University of the People?
Another note on how the lack of public academic discussion is being shaped: “UNC also has a just-launched Koch-funded Center for the Science of Moral Understanding. The Center seems redundant with an in-progress UNC Program in Public Discourse, first named the Program in Civic Virtue and Civil Discourse. Both direct attention away from the use of wealth to distort public discourse, in favor of examining individual-level debates between liberals and conservatives. In addition to faculty members outside UNC–Chapel Hill, the program has two members from the board of trustees and one member from the board of governors on the advisory board. To say that these political appointees are out of their lanes is to put it mildly. The accrediting organization, SACSCOC, should take note.”
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october 2019 by mcmorgan
Why I Just Asked My Students To Put Their Laptops Away… — Medium
It's interesting that we're *still* debating this one. Shirky emphasizes that it's not so much the machine as the content that lures - content that is *designed* to distract.
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Online Game Teaches Citation Skills - The Chronicle
Yeah, ok, maybe. I wonder if the game gets in the way of really reading the work for anything but relevance and cred. Might be teaching to the task rather than leaning. The emphasis seems to be less on learning from the reading and more on deciding whether it's worth reading later. And for those, like me, who shake our heads in sorry contempt at competition, the matter would be a distraction.
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