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The Purpose of Online Discussion - Hybrid Pedagogy
Whether this article addresses the matter of //purpose// is open, but there is this matter of mediation rephrased: "While the introjection of machines is an interesting opportunity for further educational research, as an instructor, plan for student participation with this in mind: they are interacting with a machine and not people. An online discussion is more like a computer’s lecture than an IRL discussion, no matter how interactive."

Mediation is opportunity. So suggests McLuhan.
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march 2016 by mcmorgan
A User’s Guide to Forking Education - Hybrid Pedagogy
critique of the domesticated technologies of education: LMS, discussion forums, drop boxes of exchanged Word documents.

Most of these systems recreate the bureaucracies of education without capturing the joy and rigor. At their worst, learning management systems turn students into columns in a spreadsheet, taking all that’s ineffable about learning and making it grossly manifest. Learning management systems aren’t all bad (some even revolutionize in important ways), but the idea is bad, the impulse is bad, at its core. They make homogenous what is fundamentally heterogeneous, standardizing what shouldn’t be standardized. Fetishizing the learning management system is to confuse educational administration with learning. Perhaps, the administration of education does need managing, but learning needs to be given a frame and then set loose. Very few online learning tools encourage the sorts of risk-taking that make for the best pedagogies. Quality should not be assured; it should be discovered.
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august 2015 by mcmorgan
MOOC Discussion Forums: barrier to engagement?
Long live distributed discussions. But consider that learning can be silent, too. "but that centralized discussion forums do not scale. For MOOCs to be more effective, we need to see different approaches to student engagement."
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september 2013 by mcmorgan
The Discussion Forum is Dead; Long Live the Discussion Forum
"With the right teacher and engaged students, discussion in the classroom includes carefully cultivated spontaneity, more akin to an organic garden. Online discussion forums require the same careful attention and engagement, the same understanding of when to train and prune and when to allow things to take their own course, flourish in their own way, on their own time. And in order for that to happen, the technology must make room for that spontaneity."
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may 2013 by mcmorgan

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