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Project 1: Andy Campbell’s “The Flat” | Digital Fiction
Close reading and analysis of The Flat digilit. Discovers aporia / epiphany dialectic and uses that to inform the reading. Time waits for no-
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february 2018 by mcmorgan
notes very necessary || Barbara Bridger & J. R. Carpenter
> Notes Very Necessary is a collaboratively authored web-based multi-media essay that aims to addresses climate change by remixing images, text, and data generated by centuries imperialist, colonialist, capitalist, and scientific exploration in the Arctic. The title is borrowed from an essay authored in 1580 by the Englishmen Arthur Pet and Charles Jackman offering detailed instructions on how to conquer new territories by taking copious notes. In 2015 Barbara Bridger and J. R. Carpenter attempted to follow these instructions by making, finding, and faking notes, images, data, and diagrams online and reconfiguring them into a new narrative.
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august 2017 by mcmorgan
From the Digital to the Bookbound - J. R. Carpenter review of Emerson Reading Writing Interfaces
"Lori Emerson sets out to demystify the wondrous devices of our digital age by interrogating both the limits and the creative possibilities of a wide range of reading and writing interfaces. For Emerson, interface is an open-ended term – a threshold, a point of interaction between human and hardware, between hardware and software, between reader and writer, and between human-authored writing and the vast corpus of machine-based text relentlessly reading and writing itself behind the surface of the screen." With mentions of digi lit iPad apps that prompt readingwriting
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march 2015 by mcmorgan
Hyperrhiz.06: Essays: A Four-Sided Model for Reading Hypertext Fiction
Four modes of reading are identified and described. These are semantization, exploration, self-reflection and absorption. These modes arise as the reader interacts with textual elements and utilises contextual features. Through the article the modes of reading will be discussed in relation to similar established concepts, such as the four approaches to playing MUDs identified by Richard Bartle (1996), and different attitudes of reading print literature represented in Wolfgang Iser's theory on "die Appellstruktur der Texte" (Iser 1974, 1978), or what he later in his text game theory calls "text game structures" (Iser 1989; 1993).
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march 2014 by mcmorgan

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