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What’s So Radical about Defending Public Education? | The Academe Blog
A brief history of the corporatization - rise in costs, fall in wages, undermining of quality - of the state university. There's no place to hide.
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october 2015 by mcmorgan
Alternatives to the Growing Corporate Model of Education and Educational Assessment
With corporate assessment comes corporate devaluing. Faculty write the book ok. "In addition, and this is rather odd, assessment places an extremely high value on conformity. This is odd because we’re seeing it arise right now in a culture that, at the same time, is on the verge of deifying the concept of individualism–of doing it all on one’s own."
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may 2014 by mcmorgan
Has another venue of education scholarship sold out?
A: Yes. we've seen cororate creep on the rise for years now. It's good to hear it being more widely voiced. I say, Send them all to Wikipedia.
march 2013 by mcmorgan

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