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Vie and deWinter - Disrupting Intellectual Property, from Wikis in Composition
For teachers mainly. > By challenging the authority of the single authorial voice, wikis also call into question traditional notions of intellectual property as a market commodity. These notions propagate the argument that ideas are a unique product of individual labor and can thus “belong” to a single person. It may be precisely because wikis challenge these established notions that some student users resist their use in the classroom. In keeping with this general theme, the questions that guide our research are as follows: What is the currency of intellectual property in the university setting? Do wikis, in fact, disrupt established, dominant notions of intellectual property?
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february 2017 by mcmorgan
Christopher Marlowe credited as one of Shakespeare's co-writers | Culture | The Guardian
I knew that country hick couldn't write upper-class prose! Now waiting for the New Oxford to publish between Oct and Dec.
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october 2016 by mcmorgan
Authoring, Audience, Authority: Lessons from Student Contributions to the DRC Wiki
Interesting to see that urbane students have the same issues with wikis and DH concepts as the more parochial students I work with. But why o why ask students to follow wikipedia guidelines of NPOV? Why recreate wikipedia? Write wiki entries from local interests for local interests.
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march 2016 by mcmorgan
Collaborative Literary Creation and Control
Co-written article, addresses collab in Webster's Revised, Pound and Eliot. Looks at collaborative techniques as they are supported in word processors, Xanadu, and wiki. Reviews techniques and evaluating techniques.
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february 2016 by mcmorgan
Google Docs vs. Microsoft Word: An Even Matchup?
mark the secion on collaboration: not ral time but asynch, using comments and markup
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december 2012 by mcmorgan
if:book: the truth is in the back and forth
A complete history of the Wikipedia article on the Iraq War (the second one) in XII volumes, printed. We *so* need a semiotics of writing. "Four years later, we don't yet have the tools that would let people read Wikipedia articles in "a new way" but hopefully Bridle's very impressive experiment with this one article will spur efforts to develop new tools for reading online works which are constantly being changed and edited."
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september 2010 by mcmorgan
Who Does What On Wikipedia? - Technology News - redOrbit
Ram and Liu identified seven specific roles that Wikipedia contributors play.

Starters, for example, create sentences but seldom engage in other actions. Content justifiers create sentences and justify them with resources and links. Copy editors contribute primarily though modifying existing sentences. Some users – the all-round contributors – perform many different functions.

"We then clustered the articles based on these roles and examined the collaboration patterns within each cluster to see what kind of quality resulted," Ram said. "We found that all-round contributors dominated the best-quality entries. In the entries with the lowest quality, starters and casual contributors dominated."

To generate the best-quality entries, she says, people in many different roles must collaborate. Ram and Liu suggest that the results of this study should spark the design of software tools that can help improve quality.
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march 2010 by mcmorgan
Patterns of Collaboration on Wikis
identifies some of the strategies that create solid collaborative work on wikis by looking at life cycles on corporate wikis
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march 2010 by mcmorgan
Open-space meeting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
a style of meeting that can foster collaboration and be supported by wikis, or by stickies and markers. Defines a fairly well-orchestrated rhetorical situation for collaborative compostion
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july 2008 by mcmorgan
OpenSpaceWorld: WorkingInOpenSpace
Imagine that you're sitting in a circle of friends, colleagues and perhaps some strangers ... Burke's conversation metaphor revisited. Good conceptual frame to start wiki work.
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june 2008 by mcmorgan

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