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Your WYSIWYG Editor sucks
outlines the concerns of developers, which is a good insight into how and what they think. includes that pesky gender problem: the smes are gendered as women, getting a little too creative for the developers and either slow in learning or just plain obstinate. interesting how the typist is still gendered and the solutions to them is still administrative.
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may 2013 by mcmorgan
Faculty Views About Online Learning -
via Tech-Rhet. Bar charts. Online is more work for less educational quality, and practiced mainly by the tenure-track faculty. I'm assuming this refers mainly to institutionalized CMS stuff. That's my over-generalization for the day.
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november 2010 by mcmorgan
Nixty Launches With Ambitions to Build Something Huge in eLearning
Two points here: Nixty social couse management software that leverages profs, and "the fact is that most people who can afford to go to college in the US want the experience of actually going to college. Those of us who would love to go back to college but don’t have the time to take off from careers or raising families, could use Nixty, but the problem is what I call the “Rosetta Stone dilemma.” I love Rosetta Stone’s software, and I think the approach to learning languages works – but the bottom line is there’s no short cut to the hours you need to put in to really learn a language fluently and I just don’t have those hours."
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july 2010 by mcmorgan
The Chronicle: 1/5/2007: What Web 2.0 Can Teach Us About Learning
critique of stock cms - and education grounded in them - as info delivery. followed by catalog of alternatives
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january 2007 by mcmorgan
Using open source software to design, develop, and deploy a collaborative Web site, Part 1: Introduction and overview
when dreamweaver goes away. uses web design process to adapt drupal to well-stated purposes. what it means for web design and wcw: projects will deal with selecting the right cms for the job, finessing the css, etc
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july 2006 by mcmorgan

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