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The Purpose of Online Discussion - Hybrid Pedagogy
Whether this article addresses the matter of //purpose// is open, but there is this matter of mediation rephrased: "While the introjection of machines is an interesting opportunity for further educational research, as an instructor, plan for student participation with this in mind: they are interacting with a machine and not people. An online discussion is more like a computer’s lecture than an IRL discussion, no matter how interactive."

Mediation is opportunity. So suggests McLuhan.
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march 2016 by mcmorgan
Supporting Interaction Outside of Class: Anchored Discussions vs. Discussion Boards
Small comparative study of two discussion boards, one using anchored dicussion, the other a stock discussion board. The article shows a) how the design of the software influences literacy (kinds of messages), b) how online discussions can compete with cla
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november 2006 by mcmorgan
Don’t say it, type it
Looks briefly at how users value txt and IM/online exchange over f2f and phone. Makes some gross and unsubstantiated claims about users. Recovers a lot of early 90s cmc observations. It might be valuable to see the study.
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october 2006 by mcmorgan

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