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In Trump’s America, a thick-headed man’s incredibly thin skin is threatening free speech | Opinion | The Guardian
Thick head, thin skin is no reason. But the point is that censorship is here. Political correctness now comes from the right.

> That large corporations are punishing creative expression because it is critical of Trump is worrying. Even more worrying, however, is the insidious but understandable creep of self-censorship among everyday Americans. This week provides yet another example that, when it comes to Trump, exercising your right to free speech – that dearest of American values – can prove an expensive endeavour.
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june 2017 by mcmorgan
Are Your Internets Broken Today?
not authorative but fundamental: "No, I can’t just lift stuff from there; all I can do with Wikipedia is gain an understanding of dozens of things I know nothing about."
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january 2012 by mcmorgan
Not Your Father's Censorship -
Since the Internet and the tools that make it useful are mostly in corporate hands, digital censorship relies on the private sector.
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january 2009 by mcmorgan

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