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Trump lit the torches of white supremacy in Charlottesville. We must extinguish them. - The Washington Post
Trump tries to take naming out of debate. The conservatives make it the center of debate - by declaring the name is not open for debate.

> But this abomination that happened in Charlottesville over the weekend is not up for debate. It’s not a cultural take or a political platform. Racism, bigotry and terrorism in the name of white nationalism isn’t a “side.” It’s a poison.
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august 2017 by mcmorgan
Hashtags Hammer Grammar (or Not) – Lingua Franca=
This is more a remark on the rhetorical use of the hashtag in tweets than the grammatical construction of it - and that's at the center of the "It follows no rules!" whinge. It does, but they are rhetorical guidelines, not grammatical rules.

Glad I cleared up that problem.
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january 2015 by mcmorgan
Commonplace Books -- Old Wine in New Bottles
"My personal commonplace book is kept electronically, using a system that's more Erasmusian than Lockean. It's a single, giant text file. At the very top of the document, I have an alphabetic list of top.". There are better ways.
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january 2011 by mcmorgan

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