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Big other: surveillance capitalism and the prospects of an information civilization
A starting point to theorizing D2L and LMS. A double market for the LMS: The students, and the faculty, ed designers, and adjuncts who are more or less required to use a sanctioned LMS. The data gathering depends on social indifference.

> ‘Big data,’ I argue, is not a technology or an inevitable technology effect. It is not an autonomous process, as Schmidt and others would have us think. It originates in the social, and it is there that we must find it and know it. In this article I explore the proposition that ‘big data’ is above all the foundational component in a deeply intentional and highly consequential new logic of accumulation that I call surveil- lance capitalism. This new form of information capitalism aims to predict and modify human behavior as a means to produce revenue and market control.
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Wark - The Sublime Language of My Century | Public Seminar
On the ontology of capitalism after commodification. A thought experiment.

> Quite simply, we have run out of world to commodify. And now commodification can only cannibalize its own means of existence, both natural and social. Its like that silent film where the train runs out of firewood, so the carriages themselves have to be hacked to pieces and fed to the fire to keep it moving, until nothing but the bare bogies are left.
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