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Blogging is very much alive — we just call it something else now — Tech News and Analysis
a shift from a place where we publish our stuff and a blogospherical network to your own little corner of the market.
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january 2015 by mcmorgan
stephen Downes Educational Blogging (EDUCAUSE Review) |
it ain't about writing. it's about reading and engaging in community.
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december 2012 by mcmorgan
Bloggers illuminated by their screens
Dust off your semiotic analysis hats and take a look at these images of bloggers.
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june 2011 by mcmorgan
Why “Bloggers vs. Journalists” is Still With Us
An interesting article nteresting on two counts: the topic amd thesis he's taking (bloggers want to be journos and journos want to be bloggers), and how he's presenting his preparation: crots with commentary that constellate into multiple patterns. Nice.
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march 2011 by mcmorgan
Blog1424: Intertwingled Work
What it says on the tin. A bang on bloggy essay (repurposing and demonstration for you en3177 people) on interconnectedness, findability, addressability, and differences between transactional systems and social systems.
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january 2011 by mcmorgan
Step-by-Step: Creating Your Blogging System
Advice for EN3177. Get a plan. Get a market. Get a purpose.
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august 2010 by mcmorgan
ZSR | The Future Of - Blogging as Scholarship
We've turned the corner on scholarly blogging. Next you know, Time will cover it. Some valuable links in this short post. "If scholars are to be truly evaluated on their impact to the field, a blog that fosters healthy debate and discussion, and ideally advances ideas or problems within the field, is a strong indicator of immediate impact. "
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july 2010 by mcmorgan
Internet Prof Scam TechCrunch
TechCrunch enacting blogging position for addressing scam.
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april 2010 by mcmorgan
Overview | Pew Internet - reports reduction in blogging from teens
Blogging is less popular among teens than it has been, with social networking sites rising. That can make blogging all the more useful in teaching as it becomes further differentiated as a medium from other media.
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february 2010 by mcmorgan
New president means new look, features for (Updated)
One of the first of doubtless many posts on the rev of the White House web site and new blog. Solid observations about the design and its social/political significance.
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january 2009 by mcmorgan :: Time for newspapers to abandon the 'ought' factor
These bloggers don't see themselves as journalists and don't see themselves as having a 'role'.

Yet, their readerships rival those of many newspapers and they make their livings directly or indirectly from online publications.
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january 2009 by mcmorgan
Matt Thommes / Beat writer's block with email drafts, Twitter
Some techniques based on the characteristics of Twitter and email: spontaneity and impulsiveness.
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december 2008 by mcmorgan
Alana Taylor: Online Reputation: A Love/Hate Relationship
I, for one, don't really mind being open online. I think that having a blog is one of the best ways of managing your personal brand and controlling your reputation. A blog allows you to write your side of the story -- always. If there was a picture that was posted or comment that was made about you that you didn't approve of or that you want to explain... your blog is the place to do it.
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september 2008 by mcmorgan
O'Reilly Network -- My Blog, My Outboard Brain
Cory Doctorow, 05/31/2002. Older piece but good for consideration of storing and working with information
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june 2008 by mcmorgan
Tools and Transformations, by Clay Shirky | Penguin Blog (USA) - Penguin Group (USA)
Brief polemic on online publishing - It is impossible to be pro-book and anti-revolution -- the printed word is revolution incarnate,
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june 2008 by mcmorgan
The Ed Techie: Whither the blogosphere?
"A few prominent bloggers have, of late, been talking about the move away from the blogosphere. " The blog doesn't have monopoly on social attention.
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april 2008 by mcmorgan
Thinkery: The Blogger's Audience Is Always A Fiction
When I write for school or for publication, I construct a faceless, mass audience. ... When writing for a market, the audience is already formed. Blogging audiences seem to work the other way around: you write in your own strange, crooked way, and then p
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february 2008 by mcmorgan
Participation Inequality: Lurkers vs. Contributors in Internet Communities (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)
from 2006. The numbers might be shifting a little as social networking becomes more pervasive, or as we widen our senses of what it is to "contribute" and expand the means.
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december 2007 by mcmorgan
Battling Bloggers Block
from A *very* extensive posting worth returning to.
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december 2007 by mcmorgan
My Life at the Minnesota State Fair
Marketing/Promotional blog kept by a MnSCU summer intern
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october 2007 by mcmorgan
55 Essential Articles Every Serious Blogger Should Read | Entrepreneurial Blog of Matt Huggins
These really are essential readings for practical bloggers: a workshop in a link list.
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july 2007 by mcmorgan
Keep Yourself Organized with a Blog Binder
Mixing paper and screen. Everyone's gettng organized these days.
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july 2007 by mcmorgan
Weblogg-ed » 2004 » May » 05
drawing a distinction that makes blogging different than just posting.
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august 2006 by mcmorgan
bloggers: a portrait of the internet's new storytellers
Pew Internet/American Life report. "The main reasons for keeping a blog are creative expression and sharing personal experiences.
The majority of bloggers cite an interest in sharing stories and expressing creativity. Just half say they are trying to inf
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july 2006 by mcmorgan
I'm blogging this: A closer look at why people blog
some historical bkgnd. ethnographic study of blogging practices. an alterantive approach to that of genre
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july 2006 by mcmorgan
Graduate Blogs
explore the historical roots of blogging as academic practice and bloggers as scholars. In the final two sections are principles for making blogs useful as academic storehouses and as factories for scholarly work.
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july 2006 by mcmorgan
Successful Blog - 9 + 1 Things Every Reader Wants from a Writer
most of her points focus on establishing a relationship with a reader - deciding on the role the writer wants the reader to play - and how to help the reader play that role.
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june 2006 by mcmorgan
Congress catching on to the value of blogs | CNET
When congress blogs, constituents ask them to (at least appear to) write it themselves, not through a staffer or editor. Authenticity and comments
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january 2006 by mcmorgan
MEGABLOG » New House Rules & Philosophy
fired from a uni for blogging about work, she's establishing (reminding herself) house rules.
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january 2006 by mcmorgan

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