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A reply to Kathleen Fitzpatrick's Why Not Blog?
An update on syndication gone cross-domain and cross-media.
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july 2018 by mcmorgan
Bad Subjects: Blogging Theory Jodi Dean
On the genre of theory blogs. Dean opens up the rhet sit of theory/academic blogging, and then places extreme comments as transgressions to further widen the conversation., with the knowledgr that academic blogging is itself transgressive. I love this stuff.
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february 2014 by mcmorgan
Musicianship Resources - Git Hosted
Interesting for two things: explanation of the practices of the flipped course, and hosting the resources as a blog on GitHub. Oh, and for the design of the materials, too.
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may 2013 by mcmorgan
Personal blogs and extended focus
The personal blog never went away. They just tried to appropriate it.
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june 2012 by mcmorgan
The Ben Franklin Project
From web to print. "The Journal Register Company’s Ben Franklin Project is an opportunity to re-imagine the newsgathering process with the focus on Digital First and Print Last. Using only free tools found on the Internet, the project will – from assigning to editing- create, publish and distribute news content on both the web and in print"
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june 2010 by mcmorgan
Internet Prof Scam TechCrunch
TechCrunch enacting blogging position for addressing scam.
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april 2010 by mcmorgan
Is Twitter ‘Digg’ing Their Own Ditch? | FutureNow's GrokDotCom / Marketing Optimization Blog
* It becomes the next big thing and the place where the cool kids hang out
* People begin manipulating the signal to their benefit, thereby destroying the quality of the signal.

5) Either the technology adapts, or people adapt and social conventions adapt, or the “thing” takes a massive nosedive in importance.
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july 2009 by mcmorgan
I Blame The Patriarchy
Pushing blogging just another little noodge ahead/
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june 2009 by mcmorgan
New president means new look, features for (Updated)
One of the first of doubtless many posts on the rev of the White House web site and new blog. Solid observations about the design and its social/political significance.
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january 2009 by mcmorgan
Matt Thommes / matthom
Weblogs and Wiki: Pay Matt's site a visit.
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december 2008 by mcmorgan
Shawn Blanc » MarsEdit: Helping the Personal Publishing Revolution
Shawn gets in close again and persuades me that MarsEdit is worth another look. Both a good review and a solid example of what approaching a review with a blog is about: closer than any other publication
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february 2008 by mcmorgan
Battling Bloggers Block
from A *very* extensive posting worth returning to.
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december 2007 by mcmorgan
Make Money Online ProBlogger Blog Tips
Good advice and exercises for freelancers. The number of comments suggest ProBlogger has a regular following.
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july 2007 by mcmorgan
jill/txt: "weblogs: learning to write in the network"
"network literacy and how blogging is not simply keeping an electronic journal, it's distributed and collaborative; it's learning to think and write with the network. I'll also talk a bit about the ethics of insisting students blog in public."
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july 2007 by mcmorgan
WordPress Plugins |
Alex King's useful and well-designed add ons for WP. Really nice stuff,
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june 2007 by mcmorgan
bloggers: a portrait of the internet's new storytellers
Pew Internet/American Life report. "The main reasons for keeping a blog are creative expression and sharing personal experiences.
The majority of bloggers cite an interest in sharing stories and expressing creativity. Just half say they are trying to inf
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july 2006 by mcmorgan
I'm blogging this: A closer look at why people blog
some historical bkgnd. ethnographic study of blogging practices. an alterantive approach to that of genre
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july 2006 by mcmorgan

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