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A Speculative Post on the Idea of Algorithmic Authority « Clay Shirky
A consideration on a spectrum of authority from "good enough" to "cite it in the diss."
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november 2009 by mcmorgan
Keen vs. Weinberger on web 2.0-
An extended and close debate on web 2.0, the values behind it, and the representation of it.
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july 2007 by mcmorgan
Internet Smackdown: The Amateur vs. the Professional
Tony Long is copy chief at Wired News. Tony Long's brief consideration of _Cult of the Ameteur_ aka: in defense of professionalism
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june 2007 by mcmorgan
The Chronicle: 6/15/2007: The New Metrics of Scholarly Authority
On the changing measures of authority and scholarship under web 2.0. An OV and a what to watch for: You'll gain your academic kudos by getting your academic stuff on line and engaging in academic exchanges. Jensen is dead reasonable and even a little ta
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june 2007 by mcmorgan
Web 2.0: The Sleep of Reason, Part I - Britannica Blog
Gorman goes back to the interplay of print = Authority and net does not. Good entry point to the main issues: "Print does not necessarily bestow authenticity, and an increasing number of digital resources do not, by themselves, reflect an increase in exp
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june 2007 by mcmorgan
Authority, Peter Morville
A look at Wikipedia, folksonomy, and shifts in authority that come with the move away from print: "The real upheaval lies just ahead, as a generation of school kids (and their teachers and librarians) struggle to reconcile traditional notions of education
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june 2007 by mcmorgan

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