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Measuring Proficient Teachers Codifies Bad Teaching | the becoming radical
Proficiency is adherence to the rubric, as competency is adherence to the rules. But when rubrics are mandated, when their use is made a required part of evaluation, then the mandators are over-extending their reach into teaching and learning. I'm looking at you, HLC.

> Rubrics, they argue, ultimately fail complex human behaviors such as writing. While rubrics facilitate statistical aspects of measuring human behaviors (such as teaching and learning), by doing so, they also tend to erode the quality of the very behaviors being measured.

> As a writing teacher, I can confirm Wilson’s and Kohn’s critiques that student writing conforming to a rubric and thus deemed “proficient” or “excellent” can be and often is quite bad writing. Rubric-based labels such as “proficient” reflect compliance to the rubric, not writing quality.
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december 2016 by mcmorgan
Questioning Student Evaluations
A report on two studies, one that illustrates that student evals don't measure teaching effectiveness but measure presentation - not the same thing. The second finds that the better the professors were when measured by student grades and performance, the lower the rating from the students.
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december 2015 by mcmorgan

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