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Donald Trump Will Leave You Numb - The New York Times
I can't recall the rhetorical figure of "repeat until exhausted." Too tired. But this is also about kairos: "Not by accident did he put on that 77-minute performance for the media — hurling insults, flinging lies, marinating in self-pity, luxuriating in self-love — just three days after the resignation of his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and amid intensifying questions about collusion between Team Trump and the Russians.
"He was cluttering the landscape. Overwhelming the senses. Betting that a surfeit of clangorous music would obscure any particularly galling note. That wager got him all the way to the White House, though he has no place being there, and so he sticks with it. The news conference was a case study in such orchestrated chaos."
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february 2017 by mcmorgan
Jan Schmidt - Blogging Practices: An Analytical Framework
"This article proposes a general model to analyze and compare different uses of the blog format. Based on ideas from sociological structuration theory, as well as on existing blog research, it argues that individual usage episodes are framed by three structural dimensions of rules, relations, and code, which in turn are constantly (re)produced in social action. As a result, ‘‘communities of blogging practices’’ emerge-that is, groups of people who share certain routines and expectations about the use of blogs as a tool for information, identity, and relationship management. This analytical framework can be the basis for systematic comparative and longi- tudinal studies that will further understanding of similarities and differences in blog- ging practices.
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january 2016 by mcmorgan
to zapruder
to over-analyze s visual. and here's a good example of both the identifiaction of elements and their analysis. "Let’s over-analyze a bit, just because we can."
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june 2012 by mcmorgan
if:book: slow reading
"slow viewing of a movie – Werner Herzog's Aguirre, the Wrath of God. " S/Z comes to the movie screen. Hadn't thought of how well DVD and random access support this kind of viewing - but that's because I don't teach film.
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april 2010 by mcmorgan

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