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It’s Time to Move Away from the Digital Classroom in Our Smartphone-Altered Universe
Smartphones and pervasiveness could help us undo the knots education admin created for online learning.

> Education administrators who have bought into the various digital-platform models, on the other hand, have long seen their avenues of digital instruction as a way to reduce reliance on teachers by regularizing curricula through digital replication and turning the teachers into overseers, people there simply to solve problems as students take more and more control of their education. The digital, these people dreamed, could make most teachers redundant.

> Though student control of their own education is a laudable goal, that’s not the only goal of those pushing online education. Cost-cutting and streamlining are even more important ends. Producing a workforce augmentation implemented seamlessly also is.

> The growth of the student as a person and a citizen is not. Education, as we have defined it in the United States (until recently), is not.

> Thing is, the digital landscape our students inhabit has changed dramatically since the old assumptions about digital utility in education were formulated. The smartphone has become student interface with much of the world, including families and, yes, classrooms. Anyone simply looking around today can see that the smartphone should be changing all of assumptions about utility of digital tools–but it hasn’t.
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Coming Down From the Clouds: On Academic Writing - The Chronicle
A defense rather than an apologia for scholarly writing. We're not writing for The General Public. We're writing on the edge of knowledge - and that requires some effort. "Yes, some academic writing is more abstruse than it needs to be. No doubt, scholarship should not be hidden behind expensive paywalls. And, yes, academics, like all people, are shaped by the conditions of their employment. ... But the story is more complicated." "there is a risk when we mistakenly assume that public and scholarly writing are the same thing — that one is good and clear and the other is needlessly complex."
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march 2016 by mcmorgan
Elsevier is taking down papers from | Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week
Can Elsevier be any more condescending? Welcome to Academics Got Talent, with Elsey playing Simon.
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december 2013 by mcmorgan
How I manage to keep active in so many networks
PhD candidate Cristina Costa on living in her PLN.
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june 2013 by mcmorgan
Writing Tools and Workflow — Hack / Make
another notetaking / DH workflow article for today. More and more, academic writers and writers in general are switching between digital and analogue apparati. Hack/Make's workflow is like a day in the life of a knowledge worker. at hack
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march 2013 by mcmorgan
Digital Breadcrumbs, Purdy and Walker
Framed in a google search clone. "We call for examining the ways in which researchers actually use online resources for scholarly projects rather than lamenting how these researchers are not following prescribed models of efficient, purposeful online research. We, in other words, seek to consider the value of researchers' existing practices. In this early research, we find that for the participant-researchers in this study:

Multiple online resources are used together in unadvertised, collaborative ways.
“Unstructured” online research can be inventional."
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