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Free Speech Is Not an Academic Value - Chronicle - Stanley Fish
Accurate speech is, free inquiry is, but free speech is an extracurricular value. The responsibility falls to the administrators:

>My advice to administrators: Stop thinking of yourselves as in-house philosophers or free-speech champions or dispensers of moral wisdom, and accept your responsibility as managers of crowd-control, an art with its own history and analytical tools, and one that you had better learn and learn quickly.
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march 2017 by mcmorgan
Digital Humanities and the Erosion of Inquiry - Hybrid Pedagogy
Just say no and get on with the work. "Both Jesse and I have watched teachers and students be silenced, cowed into conformity, broken by the need to please their peer reviewers, their instructors, their administrations. Hybrid Pedagogy is an effort — however small, however emergent — to provide a space where academic voices can be heard in important, authentic ways."
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february 2016 by mcmorgan
open letter to coursera
in the manner of a course proposal. Bob Meister
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may 2013 by mcmorgan
A place of useful learning…
Weighing in on us university types publishing outside academic circles. It makes our publishing practical. Thank you, Christina.
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march 2013 by mcmorgan
Guarding your academic ideas | Martin Paul Eve
Good short piece that addresses Open Access and getting scooped: If you get your stuff online while it's in progress, you don't get scooped.
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may 2011 by mcmorgan
Hacking the Academy
A BOOK CROWDSOURCED IN ONE WEEK MAY 21-28, 2010. A little thin. More like an academic magazine than a multigraph.
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june 2010 by mcmorgan

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