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Digital Humanities and the Erosion of Inquiry - Hybrid Pedagogy
Just say no and get on with the work. "Both Jesse and I have watched teachers and students be silenced, cowed into conformity, broken by the need to please their peer reviewers, their instructors, their administrations. Hybrid Pedagogy is an effort — however small, however emergent — to provide a space where academic voices can be heard in important, authentic ways."
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february 2016 by mcmorgan
Yes, BLAST, 1914, in facsimile. Smile, Ezra.
dh  modernism  pound  Manifesto 
july 2014 by mcmorgan
manifesto for teaching online
Edinburgh nails its theses to the door, loosing the chains of DE. I feel a kin.
DE  Manifesto  onlinelearning  MOOC  PLE  #edcmooc 
december 2012 by mcmorgan
Never Mind the Sex Pistols. Here's BLAST. 'Cause everyone should have a digital copy on hand. Never know when a good old BLAST will come in handy.
digitalhumanities  punk  manifesto 
march 2012 by mcmorgan

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