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Wark - The Sublime Language of My Century | Public Seminar
On the ontology of capitalism after commodification. A thought experiment.

> Quite simply, we have run out of world to commodify. And now commodification can only cannibalize its own means of existence, both natural and social. Its like that silent film where the train runs out of firewood, so the carriages themselves have to be hacked to pieces and fed to the fire to keep it moving, until nothing but the bare bogies are left.
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12 weeks ago by mcmorgan
Afraid someone will steal your idea?
"No genius. No mystique. Only work. Don't buy into the genius mystique. It is a mirage. Maybe there are geniuses out there, but you can't go assuming that you're one. That's like living as if you're going to win the lottery on a regular basis. No, the value comes from the work and no one's going to do more of it than you."
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december 2013 by mcmorgan
AAUP Sees MOOCs as Spawning New Threats to Professors' Intellectual Property - Faculty - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"If we lose the battle over intellectual property, it's over," Mr. Nelson warned. "Being a professor will no longer be a professional career or a professional identity," and faculty members will instead essentially find themselves working in "a service industry," he said.
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june 2013 by mcmorgan
Man sued for keeping company Twitter followers
One for Weblogs and Wikis and A&E: "Corporate control of Twitter accounts has been a highly debated subject. Legal experts believe this latest case could set a precedent for future ownership tussles."
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december 2011 by mcmorgan

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