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The Failed Promise of Deep Links — Backchannel — Medium
Reconsideration of link history from Bush to oogle commercializing the link. "Instead of sharing linked trails of knowledge that we’ve blazed, we leave piles of data around that service providers mine for value." - and sell back to us as value. We need to Recover the Link.
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may 2015 by mcmorgan
Labels, Smart Groups and GTD
In my last post on DevonThink (DT), I discussed group structures in my PhD database. This post and the one which will follow are on meta-structures of my database. (I’d initially intended to…
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february 2015 by mcmorgan
on DevonThink and history research (I)
If you’re dropping by from the mothership, hi! I’m Rachel. I write now and then about history, academia, research tech and bookporn. Hit the RSS if you’re into any of that,…
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february 2015 by mcmorgan
evangelicalism & geekery (II)
[2] Script support part of a series One of DEVONthink’s best features is its great script support, which I love & use extensively. I’ll give three examples. One is based on John…
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february 2015 by mcmorgan
edit DEVONthink records in terminal vim
I’m in the midst of planning my Fall seminar, which happens to be a course titled “Digital History in Theory and Practice.” Given the large number of online resources I’m…
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february 2015 by mcmorgan
DEVONthink: evangelicalism and geekery (I) | a historian's craft
twelve days since my last post. alas. I can only half blame Marco Polo; the remaining culpability must be roughly distributed between (a) manic funding and fieldwork administrative tasks, which I…
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february 2015 by mcmorgan
Arno's Tech Tools
I don't typically post workflow articles here but this one is so complete and intertwine led for DHers that it has to live here. the kind of stuff digital academics need to know. a little anarachish, but aren't we all anarachish at heart?
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march 2013 by mcmorgan

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