Recognition Is Futile: Why Checklist Approaches to Information Literacy Fail and What To Do About It
A. Checklists are always a sign of non-education. B. Engagement is required. C. Heuristics and material practice count.
fakenews  openeducation  mooc  #en3177  education  infoliteracy 
february 2018
Donald Trump's Words Are Reshaping American Politics - The Atlantic
> Politics is downstream from persuasion, and law is downstream from language. Trump has failed to perform the role of a diligent executive, reserving much of his day for television, personal calls, and cultural encyclicals on Twitter.
trump  politics  rhetoric 
february 2018
Fake news has a long history. Beware the state being keeper of ‘the truth’ | Kenan Malik | Opinion | The Guardian
The fear isn’t Trump’s proclamation but the government’s endorsement. I blame the coffee houses.
history  socialmedia  freespeech 
february 2018
Home taping revisited: A mic in each hand, pointing at speakers • The Register
My nostalgia. When singles fought back at prog rock, and we taped the whole thing. In low fi. C30 C60 C90.
february 2018
What is Psychogeography? — Steemit
> "Psychogeography is the study of the effects of geographical settings, consciously managed or not, acting directly on the mood and behaviour of the individual”.

> Détournment is a dialectical tool. It is an "insurrectional style" by which a past form is used to show its own inherent untruth-- an untruth masked by ideology. It can be applied to billboards, written texts, films, cartoons, blog posts, etc., as well as to city spaces.
psychogeography  dialectic 
february 2018
From a cartographer

>- diverse activities that raise awareness of the natural and cultural environment around you
- attentive to senses and emotions as they relate to place and environment
serious fun
- often political and critical of the status quo

With examples of mapping emotions.
psychogeography  derive 
february 2018
With a turn towards the revolutionary. China
> Psychogeography is the effect of place upon the psyche and the importance of the psyche within the landscape. The term was first discussed in the early 1950s by Guy Debord of the Situationist International, who attributed its coining to “an illiterate Kabyle.” The concept itself is simple, ancient, and foundational to an animist view of the world.
psychogeography  dialectic 
february 2018
The truth about Donald Trump's jokes - CNNPolitics
Calling it a joke makes Sanders and the other functionaries complicit. Just following orders. But it’s an attempt at making us all complicit. The language of dictators.

> More importantly, though, is the rhetorical usefulness of playing off a smiling accusation -- of treason, a capital offense -- as a gag. To start, it immediately diminishes those who find it upsetting. Implicit in Sanders' defense is a taunt: What's wrong, can't take a joke? It's a conversation ender, and for Trump, one he used successfully on his way to the White House and in his first year in the job.
february 2018
Trump's Dangerous Treason Accusation Against Democrats - The Atlantic
Call the opposition treasonous. Then add a military parade. What do you have?

> But (and this is important), there’s no reason a federal employee can’t criticize a sitting president.

This isn't a Sun King. This is not a joke. It's 1939.
rhetoric  trump 
february 2018
Calling the Trump Era by Its Proper Name - The Atlantic
Naming matters. Action n comes of naming.

> Or it is time to call this era flat-out a return to fascism.

> For him that is not “populism” (or the U.S. version, “economic anxiety,”) nor garden-variety corruption nor even longer-term democratic distress. Instead it is the reawakening of the force that began destroying Europe a century ago, outright fascism:

The term populism, being the preferred description for a modern-day revolt of the masses, will not provide any meaningful understanding concerning that phenomenon … The use of the term populist is only one more way to cultivate the denial that the ghost of fascism is haunting our societies again and to deny the fact that liberal democracies have turned into their opposite: mass democracies deprived of the spirit of democracy.
trump  politics  rhetoric  categorization  naming 
february 2018
The Psychological Trick Behind Trump’s Misleading Terror Statistics - POLITICO Magazine
A psychologist tries a hand at rhetorical analysis.

> People perceive risk based largely on emotion, and terrorism is unquestionably frightening.

It’s about the rhetor, not the audience, in this case. An admin that knowingly plays an audience the way the admin does is engaged in more than a trick.
politics  rhetoric  ethos  trump 
january 2018
Donald Trump Owns This Shutdown | The Nation
I love an essay loaded with goads. It simplifies analysis.
rhetoric  politics  trump 
january 2018
London’s new US embassy: a very diplomatic America on Thames | Art and design | The Guardian
Architecture speaks volumes.

> The new embassy is bland, vanilla, just as a diplomatic dinner is rarely riotous and a diplomatic speech is rarely spellbinding. Its use of art and nature and decoration are somewhat Starbucks – a grande vanilla latte then – and with approximately the same relation to real architecture as that has to real coffee. Timberlake’s multiple objectives are all good and worthy, but like wishing for world peace and an end to hunger are a touch platitudinous. They also contain the occasional conflict and contradiction – most obviously between being fortified and being nice – which the architects have chosen to smooth over rather than dramatise. The basic shape of the building is a cube, which Timberlake explains as being a timeless form. It does give the embassy a presence, but – because it minimises the amount of expensive external skin in relation to the volume – it also happens to be the most efficient shape for an office building.
london  trump  ekphrasis 
january 2018
The fabulous new US embassy is best not tainted by a Trump visit | Oliver Wainwright | Opinion | The Guardian
Now on my must-visit list.

> Nine Elms was a shrewd choice. It was one of the only places in London where the US could dictate the evolution of a masterplan that would put its shimmering cube at the centre of a fortified arc of paranoia, its building set back behind a militarised terrain of berms, mounds and moats, and surrounded by a necklace of some of the most expensive new apartments in the city, whose developers have been eager to cash in on being part of a new high-security “diplomatic quarter”.
rhetoric  london  ekphrasis 
january 2018
'Never Trump' Will Be the Only Faction Still Standing When He's Gone - The Atlantic
Not mere decorum.

> Insofar as a voter backlash can repudiate the bigot in the White House and his choice to stoke racial and ethnic divisions for power, the country will benefit.
politics  rhetoric  trump 
december 2017
Inside Trump’s Hour-by-Hour Battle for Self-Preservation - The New York Times
At a turning point, the NYT reflects. But there are shades of a Hitler regime tamping down opposition and resistance by delegitimization.
trump  politics  fascism 
december 2017
Yet more proof: Donald Trump is a fascist sympathiser | Richard Wolffe | Opinion | The Guardian
It's in the language. A discourse community identifies its constituents by their language.

>He shares their worldview as easily as he shares their language and videos. He gives their voice and values the biggest platform in politics. He is a neo-fascist sympathizer in the mainstream of American politics, sitting at the heart of the West Wing and world power.
trump  rhetoric  politics 
november 2017
DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly: Introduction Volume 11 Number 3
special issue.

> This article serves as the introduction to DHQ's Special Issue, "Imagining the DH Undergraduate: Special Issue in Undergraduate Education in DH." Co-editors Emily Christina Murphy and Shannon R. Smith introduce the issue–its signficance, theoretical underpinnings, structure, articles, and case studies. The special issue is organized into four thematic clusters: 1) program models; 2) disciplinarity and DH pedagogy; 3) tool development; and 4) professional concerns.
DH  pedagogy  undergrad 
october 2017
This Is What the Trump Abyss Looks Like
For Trump, hell is other people. For other people, Trump is hell.

> Yes, the forms of the Constitution remain largely intact after nine months. But the norms that make the Constitution work are crumbling. The structure looks the same, but Trump has relentlessly attacked their foundations. Do not therefore keep your eyes on the surface. Put your ear to the ground.

> In a country led by a swirling void, all sorts of inhibitions slowly slip away. Nativism, racism, nationalism: these are very potent catalysts of human darkness. Usually it is the president who takes responsibility when these demons appear to emerge, and attempts to refute, or discredit or calm them. But this one amps them up.
trump  politics  existentialism 
october 2017
Trump is exposing the contradictions of the elite | David Callahan | Opinion | The Guardian
Apparent from the first, this one took a while to re-surface.

> Trump’s retrograde presidency has revealed the profound contradictions at the top of the US income ladder. In the wake of the president’s various actions toward immigrants and inflammatory remarks on race, we’ve gotten glimpses of a wealthy class with a powerful social conscience and the potential to offer leadership on some of the most divisive social issues of the day, as well as other urgent matters like climate change.

> Yet don’t expect an enlightened new establishment to command moral authority any time soon. That can’t happen until the wealthy and business leaders extend their vision of inclusiveness to the most important sphere of American life: the economy.
trump  politics  socialism 
october 2017
A blunt, fearful rant: Trump's UN speech left presidential norms in the dust | The Guardian
> With Tuesday’s address, however, Trump punched yawning holes in his own would-be doctrine, singling out enemies, expressing horror at their treatment of their people and threatening interference to the point of annihilation.
trump  rhetoric  politics  rhetorical_situation 
september 2017
Rightwing alliance plots assault to 'defund and defang' public sector unions | US news | The Guardian
Defund and defang. The right does alliteration. But the real interest is in the letter and the tribal constructions it uses.
unions  politics  unionization  rhetoric 
august 2017
Hurricane Harvey Exposes Trump's Empathy Deficit - The Atlantic
A shot at the rhetorical situation, but a miss. The Atlantic does rhetorical analysis.
rhetoric  politics  rhetorical_situation 
august 2017
As Harvey Drowns Houston, Trump Struggles to Contain Himself | Vanity Fair
Who knew leadership could be so HARD! Cultural tourism can be so tedious. Especially at a distance. Look to the sequence of statements.

> Since the rain began falling, however, Trump has struggled to respond to the first natural disaster of his presidency with anything other than contrived seriousness at best, morbid fascination at worst.

> “Record setting rainfall,” Trump observed, before quickly getting in a plug for a friend’s book. “Many people are now saying that this is the worst storm/hurricane they have ever seen. Good news is that we have great talent on the ground,” he noted. “Wow - Now experts are calling #Harvey a once in 500 year flood! We have an all out effort going, and going well!”
rhetoric  trump  politics 
august 2017
notes very necessary || Barbara Bridger & J. R. Carpenter
> Notes Very Necessary is a collaboratively authored web-based multi-media essay that aims to addresses climate change by remixing images, text, and data generated by centuries imperialist, colonialist, capitalist, and scientific exploration in the Arctic. The title is borrowed from an essay authored in 1580 by the Englishmen Arthur Pet and Charles Jackman offering detailed instructions on how to conquer new territories by taking copious notes. In 2015 Barbara Bridger and J. R. Carpenter attempted to follow these instructions by making, finding, and faking notes, images, data, and diagrams online and reconfiguring them into a new narrative.
DH  digitallierature  en3177  WCW  mapping  psychogeography 
august 2017
President Trump Shares Anti-Obama Eclipse Meme | Time.com
Semiotic misfire. Language is bigger than we are.

> The President's opponents are not above just this kind of semiotic misfire.
meme  semiotics  erhetoric 
august 2017
Daring Fireball: Wading Through AccuWeather’s Bullshit Response
Be aware. But be aware of the rhetorical moves of the companies that appear to grant privacy.
privacy  en3177  rhetoric 
august 2017
The Week When President Trump Resigned - The New York Times
Once more into the rhetorical situation - how Trump deals with the social demand for speech.

> On Tuesday he “relinquished what presidents from Roosevelt to Reagan have regarded as a cardinal duty of their job: set a moral course to unify the nation,” wrote The Times’s Mark Landler, in what was correctly labeled a news analysis and not an opinion column. Landler’s assessment, echoed by countless others, was as unassailable as it was haunting, and it was prompted in part by Trump’s perverse response to a question that it’s hard to imagine another president being asked: Did he place the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Va., on the same “moral plane” as those who showed up to push back at them?

> A soft coup against a cuckoo: It confirmed how impotent Trump had become.
trump  politics  rhetoric  rhetorical_situation 
august 2017
Donald Trump’s Crisis of Legitimacy | The New Yorker
> “Trump is using the precious capital of the bully pulpit to talk about confederate monuments in between savage attacks on fellow Republicans,” Holmes, the former aide to McConnell, told Politico Playbook. “Just think about that. Not tax reform. Not repeal and replace. Not North Korean nuclear capabilities. No focused critiques on extremely vulnerable Democrats who have opposed him at every possible turn.”
trump  politics  rhetoric 
august 2017
President Trump must go - The Washington Post
Significant because it doesn’t call for Trump's resignation.
rhetorical_situation  politics  trump 
august 2017
Donald Trump, from His Tower, Rages at “the Other Side” in Charlottesville | The New Yorker
Raging against the light. > he had reduced a moral crossroads for the country to a question of naming rights. Standing in front of reporters, Trump came across as an angry man sheltered by a building bearing his own name in big, gold letters. But for how long? Tenants in some buildings have already asked to have the “Trump” taken off. Where would it stop? Would there, perhaps, never even be a statue of Donald J. Trump?
trump  politics  rhetoric 
august 2017
In 1939, I didn’t hear war coming. Now its thundering approach can’t be ignored | Harry Leslie Smith | Opinion | The Guardian
Specters. Not to be taken lightly.

> I recognise these omens of doom. Chilling signs are everywhere, perhaps the biggest being that the US allows itself to be led by Donald Trump, a man deficient in honour, wisdom and just simple human kindness. It is as foolish for Americans to believe that their generals will save them from Trump as it was for liberal Germans to believe the military would protect the nation from Hitler’s excesses.
history  politics  trump 
august 2017
Why is Trump reluctant to condemn white supremacy? It’s his racism — and his megalomania. - The Washington Post
More consideration of the rhetorical situation of Trump's Many Sides statement.

> There is a reason we generally want our presidents to speak out against racism against African Americans amid outbreaks of racial strife and violence. They are well positioned to remind the nation of our founding creed, and of our most conspicuous betrayal of it — of the historically unique experience of African Americans as targets of centuries of violent subjugation, as well as sustained domestic terrorism and deeply ingrained racism, which continues today.
rhetoric  trump  rhetorical_situation 
august 2017
Donald Trump under fire after failing to denounce Virginia white supremacists
This account makes it clear that Trump mis-used the rhetorical moment. Didn't just miss the opportunity to condemn white supremacists but used it to normalize racism. This is not a rhetorically innocent move.

> The president said he condemned “hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides” on Saturday. He then repeated the phrase “on many sides” for emphasis. A White House spokesperson later amplified the president’s remarks, telling the Guardian: “The president was condemning hatred, bigotry and violence from all sources and all sides. There was violence between protesters and counter-protesters today.”

> But there was strong reaction to Trump’s refusal to denounce far-right extremists who had marched through the streets carrying flaming torches, screaming racial epithets and setting upon their opponents.
politics  rhetoric  trump  efficacy  rhetorical_situation 
august 2017
Trump lit the torches of white supremacy in Charlottesville. We must extinguish them. - The Washington Post
Trump tries to take naming out of debate. The conservatives make it the center of debate - by declaring the name is not open for debate.

> But this abomination that happened in Charlottesville over the weekend is not up for debate. It’s not a cultural take or a political platform. Racism, bigotry and terrorism in the name of white nationalism isn’t a “side.” It’s a poison.
rhetoric  trump  categorization  naming 
august 2017
Trump babbles in the face of tragedy
The mainstream is raising the specter of Nazism. I never thought I would tag a post with nazism.

> this is the natural result of defining authenticity as spontaneity. Trump and his people did not believe the moment worthy of rhetorical craft, worthy of serious thought. The president is confident that his lazy musings are equal to history. They are not. They are babble in the face of tragedy. They are an embarrassment and disservice to the country.


> Ultimately this was not merely the failure of rhetoric or context, but of moral judgment. The president could not bring himself initially to directly acknowledge the victims or distinguish between the instigators and the dead. He could not focus on the provocations of the side marching under a Nazi flag.

> If great words can heal and inspire, base words can corrupt. Trump has been delivering the poison of prejudice in small but increasing doses. In Charlottesville, the effect became fully evident. And the president had no intention of decisively repudiating his work.
racism  trump  politics  nazism  rhetoric 
august 2017
Yes, Smartphones Are Destroying a Generation, But Not of Kids | JSTOR Daily
A fair analysis of a popular argument - critiquing the evidence- but weak alternative argument and lame solution. The kids aren't sad, it's the parents, so let's mentor!
argument  a 
august 2017
US federal department is censoring use of term 'climate change', emails reveal
Just leaving a trace of the accepted terms here.

> “These records reveal Trump’s active censorship of science in the name of his political agenda,” said Meg Townsend, open government attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity.
semantics  trump  linguistics  rhetoric 
august 2017
Depravity Is Downstream of Donald Trump - The Atlantic
> Andrew Breitbart himself thought Donald Trump was a con man and no conservative, but he doubtlessly would have enjoyed the showmanship and sheer disruption of Trump’s primary campaign.
trump  rhetoric  politics 
july 2017
Here and now
Bogus. How to tell: predominant use of second person. It's like using “lots of people say...” to make claims appear worthy. The straw you. There is no you there.
en3177  rhetoric  a 
july 2017
Trumpcare Collapsed Because Republicans Cannot Govern
Republican ideology doesn't admit support for health care. It's not conservatism. It's Republicanism.

> In truth, it was never possible to reconcile public standards for a humane health-care system with conservative ideology. In a pure market system, access to medical care will be unaffordable for a huge share of the public. Giving them access to quality care means mobilizing government power to redistribute resources, either through direct tax and transfers or through regulations that raise costs for the healthy and lower them for the sick. Obamacare uses both methods, and both are utterly repugnant and unacceptable to movement conservatives. That commitment to abstract anti-government dogma, without any concern for the practical impact, is the quality that makes the Republican Party unlike right-of-center governing parties in any other democracy. In no other country would a conservative party develop a plan for health care that every major industry stakeholder calls completely unworkable.

> The power to destroy remains within the Republican Party’s capacity. The power to translate its ideological principles into practical government is utterly beyond its reach.
rhetoric  politics  ideology 
july 2017
David Bromwich · The Age of Detesting Trump · LRB 13 July 2017
> President Trump, monster and scapegoat, is too rash in his overall demeanour, too uncalibrated in his words and gestures, too ill-adapted to the routines of politics to carry credit even when he is speaking common sense.
july 2017
Trump is ushering in a dark new conservatism
The real nostalgia is for the 1930s, not the 50s.
politics  trump 
july 2017
“I’ve Made You Believe There Is a Point” | ACADEME BLOG
TED Talks. Simply boring? Or simply boring platform for bogus Thought Leaders, self-promotion, and wasted lives?
july 2017
Noam Chomsky: On Trump and the State of the Union - The New York Times
> ridicule is not enough. It’s necessary to address the concerns and beliefs of those who are taken in by the fraud, or who don’t recognize the nature and significance of the issues for other reasons. If by philosophy we mean reasoned and thoughtful analysis, then it can address the moment, though not by confronting the “alternative facts” but by analyzing and clarifying what is at stake, whatever the issue is. Beyond that, what is needed is action: urgent and dedicated, in the many ways that are open to us.
trump  politics  philosophy_as_action 
july 2017
Trump 2020 Is No Joke - NYTimes.com
> Trumpism is a form of collective gaslighting at Twitter speed. It is founded on the principle that velocity trumps veracity.

> All of this is serious. But it’s not as serious as the seeping, constant attempt — one sacred value at a time — to disorient Americans to the point they accept the unacceptable, cede to the grotesque, acquiesce to total arbitrariness as a governing principle. On one side the Constitution; on the other the rabbit hole that leads to the Trump International Hotel.
trump  politics  rhetoric 
june 2017
Forget Julius Caesar – Trump is more like Richard III, Shakespeare’s satanic joker | US news | The Guardian
> Sponsorship, a British director once told me, is implicit censorship. ... . A spokesperson for one of the sponsors said the portrayal of Caesar was clearly designed “to provoke and offend”, which some of us thought was one of theatre’s basic functions.

Why else would business put money behind art? Or a brand on a hockey rink? Or their name on an endowed chair?
june 2017
In Trump’s America, a thick-headed man’s incredibly thin skin is threatening free speech | Opinion | The Guardian
Thick head, thin skin is no reason. But the point is that censorship is here. Political correctness now comes from the right.

> That large corporations are punishing creative expression because it is critical of Trump is worrying. Even more worrying, however, is the insidious but understandable creep of self-censorship among everyday Americans. This week provides yet another example that, when it comes to Trump, exercising your right to free speech – that dearest of American values – can prove an expensive endeavour.
polemic  politics  censorship  trump 
june 2017
Pigeons and Personalization: The Histories of "Personalized Learning"
Take your pick, says Audrey. Show your politics.

> But “personalization” is not simply how we cope with our desire for individuality in an age of mass production, of course. It’s increasingly how we’re sold things. It’s how we are profiled, how we are segmented, how we are advertised to.
globalcapitalism  education 
june 2017
Donald Trump Poisons the World - With toxic positioning
Trump's "cleareyed outlook that the world is not a ‘global community’ but an arena where nations, nongovernmental actors and businesses engage and compete for advantage" makes the global community a global hallucination. Asserts the only position is his. Closes debate. Explains his spectacle. Illustrates how politics differs from business. Assigns us each our role.
trump  rhetoric  politics  globalcapitalism 
june 2017
A Flexible, Interoperable Digital Learning Platform: Are We There Yet? -e-Literate
Defining learning platforms.

> I believe incentives in the industry have changed enough that we could have a win-win scenario for all implementing parties.

Hmmm. Break into small groups. Discuss.
lms  elearning  D2L  wiki 
may 2017
Education Technology as 'The New Normal'
Go Audrey. > Education needs to change, we have long been told. It is outmoded. Inefficient. And this “new normal” – in an economic sense much more than a pedagogical one – has meant schools have been tasked to “do more with less” and specifically to do more with new technologies which promise greater efficiency, carrying with them the values of business and markets rather than the values of democracy or democratic education.
may 2017
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