The Pedants’ Revolt: Does The AP’s Killing Of E-Mail Mark A Worrying Escalation?
Ah, techcrunch finally catches some of the Reg's attitude. The Big Deal? The AP finally catches up with the colloquial use of email, cellphone, and smartphone. One more win for the corruption of language.
editing  stylebook  linguistics  #en3177  publishing 
march 2011
Why “Bloggers vs. Journalists” is Still With Us
An interesting article nteresting on two counts: the topic amd thesis he's taking (bloggers want to be journos and journos want to be bloggers), and how he's presenting his preparation: crots with commentary that constellate into multiple patterns. Nice.
journalism  blogging  en3177  crots  writing  genre 
march 2011
Mind mapping for IT pros • The Register
Good, brief, non-academic article on mind mapping with links.
mind_mapping  en3177 
march 2011
Passive News Reports May Lead Readers To Feel They Can't Find The Truth
Ohio State U's press release on the Pingee study. What we need is to better educate readers.
march 2011
App Store not invited to web's date with destiny • The Register
Love El Reg. This time they whack the Copernicans who preach conversion to an App Universe over the web. Its about The Sharing. But in this case, it's about vendors having to push. "Yes, we're in a transition period where standalone apps make sense. But to believe that "it's an app internet" now and forevermore is crazy talk, and assumes that there's more value in isolation than in connections. In other words, that apps are better than the Internet. They're not. The isolated app model is fundamentally inferior to an open web of connected content and apps, one that is infinitely more shareable and more discoverable. Sure, there's going to be plenty of room for hybrid approaches to web/native apps, and that's healthy."
en3177  produsage  apps 
march 2011
A Simple Guide for a Mindful Digital Life | zen habits
A how to: " How do we:
Connect the dots between our worlds in a way that propels us forward without overwhelming us with technology?
Shine a light on who we really are, but protect our identities and right to privacy?

Perhaps too minimal.
Share with the world, but only what’s appropriate for the world to see?

I say the simplest answer is to find the bonds that already exist and focus on them until they define us, ignoring the rest. Here’s how I do that. Take what works for you and leave the rest.
#en3177  socialpractices  twitter  privacy  sharing 
march 2011
A tale of two books
Martin Weller on how he composed his latest book: mining, tweeting, shouting, and testing.
publishing  scholarship2.0 
march 2011
Produsage: A Working Definition | Produsage.org
Indeed, even those members of the networked population who choose for the moment to remain users, simply utilising the 'products' of the produsage process as substitutes for industrial products, are always already potential produsers themselves - and recent developments have made it ever more easy, and in some cases even inevitable, for such users to become produsers (for example as their very patterns of usage become direct inputs to the continuing processes of produsage).
from delicious
february 2011
#CCK11 gRSShopper vs Moodle – Any thoughts? « eConnections
Short reflection from a participant in CCK11 on bounded forum v open/PLE. Lots of openings into a further consideration here. Lars has found the CMS an anchor, a place where things are structured for him - which is echoed in the comments. Valid point for traditional learning, which doesn't consider the learner cutting the path.
en3177  PLE  MOOC  reflection 
february 2011
TidBITS Opinion: Why The Daily Is So Yesterday
Adam's observations on Murdoch's wooden goose. It's about the news, Rupert, not the publication. The problem isn't the app; it's lack of the social.
Publication  newjournalism  newspaper  social_practices  #en3177 
february 2011
Gillmor Gang 2.12.11 (TCTV)
a breakneck consideration of email and twitter, adding social signals, and @mentions
#en3177  twitter  email  social_practices  social_signals 
february 2011
Many Eyes
IBM experiment in visualization and data exploration
data  infographics  visualization 
february 2011
Four ways to undermine a community
four links to cases of poor practice.
february 2011
Cursive Hand in a BlackBerry Field: A Poetics of the List | The New Everyday
About lists and their use in the everyday. A loose connection with PLEs and MOOCs comes through a consideration of the everyday. a mooc makes learning an everyday occurrence.
Ple  lists  notetaking  notes  mooc 
february 2011
Strata 2011: Communicating Data Clearly
OV of chart visualization principles created as a repurposing of a lecture tutorisl.
visualization  charts  visual_rhetoric 
february 2011
Critical thinking: Why our students need it and resources for teaching it
less on critical thinking as a practice and more like 3 examples of skepticism. a starting point, but not an ending point. solid critical thinking would address her opening statement that the education system doesn't teach critical thinking. read it.
fyw  lib_ed  fyc 
february 2011
Why The Daily Is So Yesterday
from tidBITS, good commentary on the yesterDaily. "The Daily has been compared to USA Today, which made a splash when it debuted in 1982 with its challenges to the traditional newspaper model." but it's lamer than USA Today because we now read from multiple sources.
journalism  thedeathly  murdoch  DOA 
february 2011
Less Text, Please: Contemporary Reading Behaviors and Short Formats | I'd Rather Be Writing
Mid-length consideration from a tech writer on short form text reading. Reviews some of the more recent arguments, and tries to set a lower limit on brevity. with "The same people who clipped back my copious callouts into a few marketing bubbles would have also pruned this post from 2,000 words to 200. Would that make the text more valuable? Just as there’s a balance between simplicity and obscurity, there’s a balance between length and learning. More people might read a short text, but a longer text yields more learning. Is there no pleasure in learning anymore?" Tends to skip over the Clive Thompson notion that he mentions: "The torrent of short-form thinking is actually a catalyst for more long-form meditation."
techwriting  reading  shortform  brevity 
january 2011
Communicate Like MLK and Change the World | Duarte Blog
video and line graph analysis of MLK speech. presentation form follows one dimension - what is / what can be - and so seems short on semiotic possibilities.
rhetoric  persuasion  vosualization 
january 2011
Science Proves You’re Stupid
light-handed synopisis and essay on cognition a d action. Too glib? might be. "Fiction is stuff you know you’re making up, and memoir is stuff you don’t know you’re making up." that is.
cognition  essay  fyc 
january 2011
McNeill - Blogging as New Literacy Practice
Looks at some affordances in weblogs that enable "a new literacy practice characterised by what Lankshear and Knobel call an “active sociality” (2006: 1). This “active sociality” is exemplified by modes of participation and displays of identity and affiliation that mark it out as significantly different from other forms of textual communication."
en3177  literacy  affordances  transliteracy  weblogs  design 
january 2011
Dear Michael: An Open Letter From The Present About The Future Of Your Past
A brief article on giving up social media for blogging and letter writing as one way of making the trace of an online life coherent. Places the blog as a space to collect one's thoughts.
history  en3177  socialmedia  identity  fragmentation 
january 2011
the velocity of a sheep in a vacuum and other register measurements
Standards of measurement based on EU standards for fruit and pasta, double-decker buses, and the area of Wales. Yeah? And using feet, inches, or even millimeters are any different?
standards  parody  EU 
january 2011
Blog1424: Intertwingled Work
What it says on the tin. A bang on bloggy essay (repurposing and demonstration for you en3177 people) on interconnectedness, findability, addressability, and differences between transactional systems and social systems.
presentation  en3177  findability  essay  socialsystems  transliteracy  blogging 
january 2011
if:book: what i've learned since posting a proposal for a taxonomy of social reading
Author considers revision of first draft of a taxonomy. An illustration of how scholars work socially.
reading  writing  socialreading  drafting  ple 
january 2011
Fortune favors the bold and the italicized
A little upset here on the visual side: designing texts for difficult reading: "disfluency – the subjective experience of difficulty associated with cognitive operations – leads to deeper processing ... Study 1 found that information in hard-to-read fonts was better remembered than easier to read information in a controlled laboratory setting. Study 2 extended this finding to high school classrooms. The results suggest that superficial changes to learning materials could yield significant improvements in educational outcomes."
reading  vizualization  visualdesign  design 
january 2011
Will #Quora Be Big In 2011?
a good article for en3177, in part for the subject of discussion but even more for the aggregatating and repurposing the writer's doing. trace the inputs and outputs and diagram how he links it all together. this is learning.
en3177  twitter  quora  mooc  ple  synthesis 
january 2011
Should I Work for Free?
flowchart. but it's not about the flow. it's about the players. illustrates how to play with genres.
vizualization  argument  persuasion 
january 2011
At Netroots UK, British progressives plant seeds for future online struggles
Students organize around and by using social media in the field and after. Sarcasim, demonstrations, Guardian columnists, and blogging.
en3177  protests  social_media 
january 2011
Welcome to Quora. Do Yourself a Favor... Slow Down
Some instruction for noobs. Terse in places, a little narrow in others, but it defines one of the safer paths to take while you find your way around. See the apologia, too, if you want to see the culture in action: http://www.quora.com/Lucretia-M-Pruitt/Im-not-the-boss-of-you-Im-not-the-teller-of-you-what-to-do
en3177  etiquette  quora  culture  rant 
january 2011
How can I avoid forgetting the best things? - Quora
Sort of a recursive entry. The response to the question is to bookmark it online - so I am, and curious to see how the answer change. 'Course, you can just follow the question too
quora  question  socialbookmarking 
january 2011
Online Game Teaches Citation Skills - The Chronicle
Yeah, ok, maybe. I wonder if the game gets in the way of really reading the work for anything but relevance and cred. Might be teaching to the task rather than leaning. The emphasis seems to be less on learning from the reading and more on deciding whether it's worth reading later. And for those, like me, who shake our heads in sorry contempt at competition, the matter would be a distraction.
bibliography  reference  hulahoop  distraction  flashinthepan 
january 2011
myth: instant communication is shallow » Cyborgology
Good entry point to the ongoing discussion on digital comm, education, et al. "Ultimately, putting down ways of communicating foreign to you as inherently less deep, real and worthwhile is a claim to power. It is a way to reduce the ‘other’ as less fully human and capable."
linguistics  cultofamateur 
january 2011
What We Find on Found: Lists as Art, Artifact, and Sites of Connection | The New Everyday
How found (anonymous) lists encourage semiosis by (anonymous) readers. Illustrates how we construct character.
Lists  notetaking  repurposing 
january 2011
Licklider - Man-Computer Symbiosis 1960
"The main aims are 1) to let computers facilitate formulative thinking as they now facilitate the solution of formulated problems, and 2) to enable men and computers to cooperate in making decisions and controlling complex situations without inflexible dependence on predetermined programs."
history  internet  augmentation 
january 2011
Engelbart: Augmenting Human Intellect (1962)
Invented the mouse, windows, much of the GUI, implemented hypertext and collaborative computing. Early thinking about how computers can help us learn and do.
newmedia  history  internet  augmentation 
january 2011
V Bush - As We May Think - The Atlantic
Classic for history of new and social media, hypertext, internet. The only good use of microfilm ever created. 1945
history  internet  augmentation  newmedia  notetaking  scholarship2.0  writing 
january 2011
Commonplace Books -- Old Wine in New Bottles
"My personal commonplace book is kept electronically, using a system that's more Erasmusian than Lockean. It's a single, giant text file. At the very top of the document, I have an alphabetic list of top.". There are better ways.
categorization  notetaking  commonplacebook  notebooks  via:eclectics 
january 2011
A Whole Lotta Nothing: Quick thoughts on Pinboard
Is it social or not? Will it be or not? Sums up the current state of affairs.
socialbookmarking  pinboard 
january 2011
Gardening the wiki, order in chaos | abject learning
Blamb's fast report on UBC moving into OER - and getting the wiki garden in order. There is OER content in the weediest wikis. 
oer  wiki  from delicious
december 2010
Why iPad Magazines Are Failing
Good news for open content fans. The problem isn't just subscription charges. The iPad mag is a closed system: can't link in or out, can't share it with others, can't tag it on pinboad or add it to Instapaper. Closed systems - like paper textbooks - are failing.
ipad  publishing  opencontent  oer 
december 2010
Detailed workflow that combines procedure with writing advice. Well, more detailed in using DT and Sente than Scrivener and Pages, and more detailed in note taking than drafting.  Highlights affordances of each application. 
Ple  notetaking  workflow  research  from delicious
december 2010
#Open Textbook Tweet
Crowd-sourced open textbook manifesto in sets of tweets.
OER  crowdsourced  en3177  twwt  crowdsourcing  openaccess 
december 2010
Microsoft Launches Open Source Filter for Mediawiki - WikiEducator
Could be better: Could simply support markup - lots of text editors do. 
oer  mediawiki  from delicious
december 2010
10 Alternatives To Delicious.com Bookmarking
Cover your back. For students in Weblogs and Wikis
en3177  socialbookmarking 
december 2010
Studies Explore Whether the Internet Makes Students Better Writers - The Chronicle
Overview of recent studies and commentary on affects and position of online and extra-curricular writing. Ranges from "stylistically impoverished," to Yancey: "If we don't invite students to figure out the lessons they've learned from that writing outside of school and bring those inside of school, what will happen is only the very bright students" will do it themselves, Ms. Yancey says. "It's the rest of the population that we're worried about."
writing  blogging  literacy  academicwriting  scholarship2.0  PLE  MOOC 
december 2010
What’s wrong with (M)OOCs?
Siemens sketches his concerns about MOOCs as they become more popular. MOOCs are a new paradigm and redefine design, practice, responsibility and other aspects. Means that it's going to be hard to fit them into current thinking and current interests.
ple  mooc  twwt 
december 2010
MOOCs, knowledge and the digital economy – a research project @ Dave’s Educational Blog
Dave Cornier's post announcing the release of the "The MOOC Model for Digital Practice" (qv).  Includes 3 excellent vids on MOOCs, learning in a MOOC, and knowledge in a MOOC. 
mooc  ple  plenk2010#  en3177 
december 2010
Flipboard's Mike McCue: Web format has 'contaminated' online journalism | Technology | Los Angeles Times
He has a point about how the demand for page views changes the manner of content, but "contaminate"? Really? 
journalism  wcw  web  ipad  en3177 
december 2010
Why Do They Hate Us? - Advice - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Merry Xmas, Professor. Administrative costs are driving up education costs: "The rising cost of higher education. The price of a college degree has risen faster than the cost of health care. Anxiety about those costs crowds out the mental space that might be given to contemplating subjects without direct, practical applications.
The cost increase is driven not by faculty salaries, primarily, but by the rapid growth of administration, massive athletics programs, and the amenities arms race—not who has the most full-time faculty members so much as who has the most successful football team and the fanciest dorm rooms."
december 2010
Digital Storytelling | A ds106 Production
I'm envious of the brave. Jim Groom is brave. Jim has a hellava course started here that I'm going to shamelessly emulate in designing the backend of Weblogs and Wikis as it goes open. Assignments are central, and those I have seen are doozies. But aggregation and syndication are the pedagogical magic.
Ple  Oer  course  mooc 
december 2010
The Daily Shoot
another ple-like space to follow
ple  oer 
december 2010
From Indymedia to Wikileaks
OWNI.eu weighs in. "The battle over Wikileaks, and the journalistic questions that it raises, are genuinely new developments — but they’re new developments grounded in a few long term trends and a history stretching back nearly two decades.The impact of WikiLeaks on journalism is more an impact of degree than of kind; what’s happening isn’t entirely new, but it is happening on a greater scale than ever before.
wikileaks  journalism  newjournalism 
december 2010
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