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Droning On – The New Inquiry
In both films the murdered innocents only exist to provide the heroes their opportunity to become heroes again.
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may 2017 by mcette
The Secret US War in Pakistan | The Nation
 The program puts Blackwater at the epicenter of a US military operation within the borders of a nation against which the United States has not declared war–knowledge that could further strain the already tense relations between the United States and Pakistan.
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may 2017 by mcette
Pakistan Shift Could Curtail Drone Strikes - The New York Times
President Bush’s national security advisers resulted in a significant relaxation of the rules under which American forces could aim attacks at suspected Qaeda and Taliban fighters in the tribal areas near Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan.
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Pakistanis Strike Political Accord FEB. 22, 2008

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The change, described by senior American and Pakistani officials who would not speak for attribution because of the classified nature of the program, allows American military commanders greater leeway to choose from what one official who took part in the debate called “a Chinese menu” of strike options.

Instead of having to confirm the identity of a suspected militant leader before attacking, this shift allowed American operators to strike convoys of vehicles that bear the characteristics of Qaeda or Taliban leaders on the run, for instance, so long as the risk of civilian casualties is judged to be low.
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may 2017 by mcette
Drones: Actually the Most Humane Form of Warfare Ever - The Atlantic
How better targeting and surveillance can reduce the number of civilian casualties.

Michael W. Lewis Aug 21, 2013
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april 2017 by mcette
The Never-Ending War in Afghanistan - The New York Times
Adjusted for inflation, American spending to reconstruct Afghanistan now exceeds the total expended to rebuild all of Western Europe under the Marshall Plan; yet to have any hope of surviving, the Afghan government will for the foreseeable future remain almost completely dependent on outside support.
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march 2017 by mcette
AAFSOC Support Contract for the MQ-1 Predator® UAV Officially Awarded | BATTLESPACE Flight Services
The award of the AFSOC MQ-1 Maintenance Support contract reflects very favorably upon the hard work and dedication by all employees of Battlespace Flight Services, and lives up to the meaning and value of our corporate motto:
“Can Do, Will Do, Glad To!”
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march 2017 by mcette
Tomgram: War Is Peace | TomDispatch
it's hard for Americans to grasp that Washington is a war capital, that the United States is a war state, that it garrisons much of the planet, and that the norm for us is to be at war somewhere at any moment.
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february 2017 by mcette
Costs of Wars Are Lingering in Military Budget Plan - The New York Times
Over all, that puts the Pentagon budget — second only to Social Security in the federal budget — at $583 billion in 2017, about $1 billion short of 2016.
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february 2017 by mcette

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