Holt takes office as mayor, puts focus on the future | News OK
Holt is acknowledging his Osage heritage by hanging on his office wall a striking depiction of a buffalo, by Native American artist D.G. Smalling.
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16 hours ago
[Easy Chair] | Nobody Knows, by Rebecca Solnit | Harper's Magazine
"We talk about empathy and compassion as virtues, but they are also practices of valuing and paying attention to other people. In this way, we understand others and the world beyond our own experience. I pay attention to you because you matter, and if you ignore me, it’s because I don’t."
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10 days ago
Offscreen Magazine Interview — by Craig Mod
I believe quick iteration is a powerful tool outside of the shark tank of incurious consumer tech. Quick iteration — obliterating unknowns — is an effective way of working through ideas. One of the biggest threats to any creative project is allowing the potential for the thing to subvert your ability to make it. It’s easy to be seduced by the world of potentiality. A book is always greatest before it’s written. You are intoxicated by what it can be. That’s very dangerous. You want to kill those seductions as quickly as possible, and one way to achieve that is fast iteration.[^iteration] Make known the unknown; murder your fantasies.

Finding balance can be tough, but not impossible. Create quiet spaces, understand motives, but iterate quickly on a local level to understand every nook of your problem space.
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21 days ago
Overcast 4.1 now available – Marco.org
Both are subtle but noticeable benefits (my favorite kind), especially when you’re being interrupted a lot, such as while following turn-by-turn navigation directions.
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4 weeks ago
ocr-shot.sh · GitHub
a script that OCRs screenshots and makes them searchable from spotlight
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4 weeks ago
Why I'm leaving The Times for a job at City Hall
If there's one message I want to underscore in my new position, as I've tried to do in this one, it's that good design, even ambitious design, can be a mechanism for efficiency. For saving money, not wasting it.
For the record, I think it absolutely matters how it looks.

I want to promote new housing for the formerly homeless, for example, that is well-designed enough to offer a humane welcome to its residents and at the same time help convince neighboring homeowners that it's something worth embracing, as opposed to merely tolerating. Good design can be an end in itself; it can also be a means to a political, social or even moral end.
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5 weeks ago
A luftmensch in search of the perfect conversation: NYPL’s “curator of public curiosity” | The Book Haven
There’s a Yiddish word for someone who may not be terribly grounded,” he says. “It’s a beautiful word: luftmensch. It means someone who has his feet firmly planted—in midair. There’s something of an untethered balloon in me.” It beats Merriam-Webster’s definition: “an impractical contemplative person having no definite business or income.”
5 weeks ago
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