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Doing is knowing: “Sweet Jane” and the Web — Wordyard
What is it that you learn from being a media actor and not just a media consumer? What do you come to know by playing a song and not just listening to it? I don’t think the answer is reducible to bullet points. For me, two ideas stand out. One is: Define yourself if you get the chance — if you don’t, others will be happy to do it for you. The other is: Empathy. Andy Carvin's response: In awe of this essay by Scott Rosenberg. Sweet Jane was one of the first songs I learned how to play on my guitar back when I was around 14. It was a liberating, self-affirming experience that I haven't thought about in decades - yet an experience that I've often felt online while I'm working during a big news event, when everything seems to be coming together and I'm able to craft a story that really resonates with people. Not with an audience, but with real, actual people whose generosity, empathy and authenticity comes through in ways that were rare to experience prior to social media.
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august 2014 by mayerjoy
Seth's Blog: ...different people differently
Shoes that don't fit are difficult to sell. Same with news.
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april 2014 by mayerjoy
Bezos, The Post, and the business we're really in | Coats2Coats
The Washington Post sale is a chance for journalists to reconsider the question: What business are we really in?
washpost  community  listening  newsbiz  amazon 
august 2013 by mayerjoy
In New Orleans, public radio, local startups, and more are teaming up for the news » Nieman Journalism Lab
"When you start creating more local content, the audience expects that content to be better."
collaboration  newsbiz 
july 2013 by mayerjoy
When sources can go direct, do we need journalism less or do we need it more than ever? — paidContent
Sources of all kinds -- including politicians -- can become publishers and distribute their own information directly to an audience, without the need for a traditional media outlet. Is that a good thing or a bad thing for journalism?
publicrelations  usercontent  crowdsourcing  context  reporting  analysis  newsbiz 
july 2013 by mayerjoy
The newsonomics of value exchange and Google Surveys » Nieman Journalism Lab
It's an add-on to paywalls: If you're not willing to buy a digital subscription, perhaps you'll be willing to just answer a question or two?
nieman  sponsorship  newsbiz  paywall 
june 2013 by mayerjoy
Streams of consciousness : Columbia Journalism Review
One might assume that a phone, with its small screen, would lend itself only to reading short items. But young readers are willing to consume longer features on their phones as well, often in several chunks throughout the day. “We’ve seen really surprising numbers—almost a quarter of all our traffic is on the iPhone,” says Max Linsky, 32, co-founder of, an aggregator of in-depth magazine pieces.
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may 2013 by mayerjoy
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