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AT THE SAME STARS [by spicyshimmy], R
First Officer Spock of the USS Enterprise is part of the away team that discovers the survivors of Tarsus IV. (Spoiler: Events are altered and neither Jim nor Spock is there when Vulcan is destroyed.)
reboot-trek  *  Spock  JamesKirk  ChristopherPike  LeonardMcCoy  ChristineChapel  AmandaGrayson  T'Pring  Kirk/Spock  Scotty  *friendship  *tarsusIV  *trauma!aftermath  *de-angst  *anthropology  *trust!fic  *school!fic  *hug!fic  *love!fic  *becoming!fic  *first-time  *moveintogether  *proposal/wedding  °spicyshimmy  *grief!fic 
september 2014 by mayachain
Counteractive Measures [by rikke_leonhart], PG-13
The thing is – giving Jim Kirk a dare will never ever work. “Enlist,” she repeats to herself as Pike’s back disappears out the door. She snorts. It’s one of those things that just keep getting funnier.
reboot-trek  JamesKirk  Spock  Gaila  NyotaUhura  LenBones  *hc  *genderfuck  *friendship  *becoming!fic  Kirk/Spock  *hug!fic  *tarsusIV  °rikke_leonhart  *backstory  *fulltimeline 
august 2014 by mayachain
Of Twin Stars and Other Eccentric Satellites [by winterhill], PG-13
A year into the mission, Spock and Jim have got on with things and are well on their way to that great destined friendship -- or maybe more. There’s spanner in the works, though, when a group of colonists exploring an unknown part of New Vulcan go missing, and the Enterprise crew is called in to help. The problem? The Vulcan High Council has insisted they take a guide — Spock’s wife, T’Pring.
reboot-trek  kirk/spock  *becoming!fic  *friendship  *anthropology  *injury!fic  °winterhill 
december 2013 by mayachain
Still Life [by dogpoet], R
Traumatized by his experience on Tarsus IV, Jim Kirk runs away to Vulcan to undergo kolinahr.
reboot-trek  JamesKirk  Spock  *  *tarsusIV  *trauma!aftermath  *hc  *mindmeld  *backstory  *pre-movie  °dogpoet  *becoming!fic  kirk/spock 
february 2013 by mayachain
don't last like the feeling [by anowlinsunshine], R
Nyota watches their relationship shift. (goes from Kirk+Spock=hate and Spock&Uhura=hotsex to Kirk/Spock and Uhura+Spock.)
reboot-trek  outsider-pov  *becoming!fic  kirk/spock 
september 2011 by mayachain
The Things You See and The Way You See Them [by danahid], PG-13
There's a bond between the First Officer and his Captain, although few who observe it understand it.
reboot-trek  outsider-pov  °danahid  kirk/spock 
september 2011 by mayachain
Still Waters [by medie], R
This Spock has always been a girl, and she never figured Jim would find out she used her political influence to give him his ship.
reboot-trek  *first-time  *becoming!fic  °medie  *genderfuck  kirk/spock 
september 2011 by mayachain
sleepy sex, [by anon at st_xi_kink], R
After all that has happened, Spock has trouble sleeping, and he develops a habit of walking through the night to go watch a sleeping Jim.
reboot-trek  *cuddle!fic  *sleep!fic  *first-time  kirk/spock 
september 2011 by mayachain
Nothing but the Truth [by anon], PG
Kirk has an allergic reaction to a hyperspray and is compelled to tell the truth. Uhura takes advantage of this (all for the good), and later on, so do Kirk and Spock.
*becoming!fic  reboot-trek  kirk/spock 
september 2011 by mayachain

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