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back to work [by thetartwitch], PG-13
The day the Minister is killed, Percy is filling out paperwork at his desk.
The day Voldemort dies, Percy has successfully retained his life and his job. Unfortunately, his ability to trust anyone ever again and his family count among the things he's lost.
HP!fic  genfic  PercyWeasley  KingsleyShacklebolt  HarryPotter  CharlieWeasley  *hardfeelings  *  °thetartwitch 
march 2019 by mayachain
The Next Clan Meeting [by yuletide_anon], PG
It's the Clan Gathering after Ayla was cursed with death, and Durc is a young hunter of the clan, no matter how much Broud still hates him for existing.
Yuletide  Earth'sChildren  Durc  Broud  TheClan  *futurefic  *hardfeelings  *politics  *bumpyfeelings  °anon 
december 2018 by mayachain
Justice [by Helen Adams], PG-13
Nathan and Ezra go to testify in court; the defendant is someone Nathan knew during the war.
Magnificent7  genfic  NathanJackson  EzraStandish  *friendship  *bumpyfeelings  *hardfeelings  °helenadams 
august 2014 by mayachain
Lion Boys [by stilinskisparkles], PG-13
Sometimes, Boyd still wonders why Derek chose him. Why he seemed like a good idea.

He’s pretty damn sure choosing Derek was a terrible idea.
teenwolf!fic  Boyd  StilesStilinski  DerekHale  CoraHale  ScottMcCall  IsaacLahey  LydiaMartin  AllisonArgent  *hardfeelings  *  *reconciliation  *friendship  Derek/Stiles  genfic  *injury!fic  *grief!fic  Danny(TeenWolf)  °stilinskisparkles  *bumpyfeelings 
august 2014 by mayachain
Phases of the Weaker Heart [by calrissian18], PG-13
The last thing she needs is to get paired for a school project with Stiles, who is still sporting bruises from his encounter with her grandfather. Allison hasn't spoken to Stiles since the finale, and didn't particularly like him even when she was dating Scott. After some initial awkwardness, Allison realizes that she and Stiles make a good team -- she just didn't realize that being friends with Stiles meant she would need to spend time with Derek.
teenwolf!fic  AllisonArgent  genfic  StilesStilinski  DerekHale  AlanDeaton  IsaacLahey  ScottMcCall  *school!fic  *notquitethereyet  *hardfeelings  *reconciliation  *friendship  *injury!fic  *loyalty  *trust!fic  °calrissian18  *preslash 
july 2014 by mayachain
Leave Out All the Rest [by niori], PG-13
Odin always intended his charismatic son to be the figurehead king, while the clever one advised him and made sure things ran well behind the scenes.

Only now Thor is king and Loki isn't playing. Thor has been insufferable since the coronation was announced and Loki in no mood to sort out the kingdom only for his brother to take the credit. He's not getting involved until Thor begs him for help! (Besides, watching Thor and Asgard flounder is hilarious!)
avengers!fic  genfic  timeline:thor  Loki  Thor  Frigga  Odin  Sif  *politics  *hardfeelings  *  °niori 
june 2014 by mayachain
Reason Enough [by Raine_Wynd], PG-13
When Scott Hansen returns to the PPDC, he's accompanied by a golden retriever and looking for a chance to make things right.
pacificrim  genfic  ScottHansen  RaleighBecket  StackerPentecost  MakoMori  HercHansen  ChuckHansen  TendoChoi  *  *hardfeelings  *notquitethereyet  *friendship  *hug!fic  *redemption  °raine_wynd  *grief!fic 
may 2014 by mayachain
Slow Match [by yuletide_anon], R
Micheletto wanders, Cesare conquers, and Lucrezia offers a timely intervention. Some ties are not easily severed, but neither can they stay unchanged.
Borgias!fic  Yuletide  CesareBorgias/Micheletto  LucreziaBorgias  Micheletto  CesareBorgias  *hardfeelings  *notquitethereyet  *futurefic  *friendship  *separation!fic  *loyalty  *injury!fic  *sick!fic  *de-angst  *politics  °anonymous 
december 2013 by mayachain
Call Me Over to the Other Side [by kearlyn], R
Former Ranger Raleigh Becket has spent the two-and-half years since the Knifehead disaster working undercover for the FBI to investigate Kaiju-worshipping cults and anti-Jaeger terror groups. His skills are put to the test when the group he’s investigating kidnaps Chuck Hansen, intending to sacrifice the 17-year-old pilot to a Kaiju.
pacificrim  genfic  RaleighBecket  ChuckHansen  HercHansen  StackerPentecost  *  *pre-movie  *hardfeelings  *notquitethereyet  *hospital!fic  *injury!fic  *abandonment.issue  °kearlyn 
december 2013 by mayachain
Ex [by alreadystardust], PG
Carlos' ex comes to town. Night Vale loves Carlos for reasons that aren't only to do with his being Cecil's boyfriend (he's gone native without entirely meaning to), and the town looks after its own.
nightvale!fic  Carlos  Cecil/Carlos  Nightvalians  OldWomanJosie  *random.intern  *hardfeelings  *de-angst  *love!fic  *friendship  *loyalty  *anthropology  Cecil  °alreadystartdust 
november 2013 by mayachain
The Wagers of Sin [by Mikkeneko], PG
At Loki's sentencing in Asgard, Thor tries in vain to find anyone besides himself to speak for him.
avengers!fic  genfic  timeline:avengers  Thor  Loki  Odin  Frigga  Sif  WarriorsThree  *tag  *hardfeelings  °mikkeneko 
july 2013 by mayachain
Mom Swap [by wouldbedorothy], PG-13
Mother's Day ficlet. Brian spends time with Jennifer, and Justin visits Mrs. Kinney.
QaF  Brian/Justin  BrianKinney  JustinTaylor  JenniferTaylor  JoanKinney  *hardfeelings  *notquitethereyet  *friendship  °wouldbedorothy 
may 2013 by mayachain
Sponge Away the Writing [by Tam_Cranver], PG-13
In which Charles finds himself haunted by a dead future version of himself, together they experiment with changing the course of history, and there is much hand-holding
firstclass!fic  x-fic  ErikLensherr(Magneto)  CharlesXavier  ArmandoMunoz(Darwin)  AlexSummers(Havok)  ScottSummers  HankMcCoy(Beast)  Mystique  SeanCassidy  MoiraMcTaggert  *time-travel  *notquitethereyet  *reconciliation  *hardfeelings  °tam_cranver  *darwin!adapts 
april 2013 by mayachain
Near Misses [by flaming_muse], NC-17
Kurt and Blaine could easily not have met on a staircase in high school. They could have met a few years later in college instead.
gleefic  KurtHummel  BlaineAnderson  RachelBerry  TinaCohenChang  MikeChang  BurtHummel  CaroleHudson  FinnHudson  *becoming!fic  *first-time  *hardfeelings  *love!fic  *friendship  °flaming_muse  Kurt/Blaine  *singing/performing 
september 2012 by mayachain
To Kindle a Light in Darkness [by lorrainemarker], R
When they arrived on Earth, all Felix Gaeta wanted was to be left alone. He is for a year; then, his self-imposed solitude keeps being broken.
galactica!fic  *alive!Felix  *futurefic  *Earth  *hardfeelings  *reconciliation  FelixGaeta  canon!pairing(s)  NoelAllison  LeeAdama  GalenTyrol  SharonAthena  HeloAgathon  LouisHoshi  HeraAgathon  EllenTigh  SaulTigh  °lorrainemarker  *sleep!fic  *disability  *friendship 
june 2012 by mayachain
rumor has it [by gyzym], NC-17
Santana never forgives Finn for outing her. It takes a long time until it doesn't matter anymore.
gleefic  glee.ep.mashoff  SantanaLopez  BrittanyPierce  canon!pairing(s)  FinnHudson  *futurefic  *comingout  *hardfeelings  KurtHummel  BlaineAnderson  °gyzym  *tag 
january 2012 by mayachain
Drive All Night [by fairy_tale_echo], PG-13
Wherein Mark and Eduardo are forced to share a car to the airport in a snowstorm, and it being Dustin's car means it reads Dustin's status updates for them. Out loud. Which may not be such a bad thing.
socialnetwork  *hardfeelings  *futurefic  *reconciliation  *de-angst  °fairy_tale_echo  Mark/Eduardo 
september 2011 by mayachain
and if I don't make it know [by therealw], PG-13
Sometimes he thinks about that chicken. (Five times Mark drunk dialed Eduardo (and one call he made while sober).)
socialnetwork  *hardfeelings  *futurefic  *notquitethereyet  °therealw  Mark/Eduardo 
september 2011 by mayachain
everybody knows that you cradle the sun [by lawyerdown], R
Sometimes Eduardo wakes up and is Eduarda. Just because Mark loves them both doesn't mean shit doesn't go down anyway.
socialnetwork  *fulltimeline  *becoming!fic  *hardfeelings  *Harvard  *notquitethereyet  *saverin.issues  *gender.issues  °lawyerdown  Mark/Eduardo 
september 2011 by mayachain
pause the tragic ending [by anon], NC-17
The night before they sign the settlement, Eduardo fails to have hate sex with Mark because that's not what Mark's trying to do.
socialnetwork  *hardfeelings  *deposition!fic  *de-angst  °anonymous  *notquitethereyet  Mark/Eduardo 
september 2011 by mayachain

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