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Five Lies and a Truth [by PastyPirate], PG
Five times Lito has helped the cluster (by lying), and one time the cluster helped him (tell the truth).
sense8  LitoRodriguez  WolfgangBogdanow  NomiMarks  SunBak  Capheus  KalaDanekar  *hospital!fic  *comingout  °pastypirate 
july 2016 by mayachain
Post Rock [by Basingstoke], PG-13
After Ennis Del Mar broke his leg that last time, Alma Junior came and got him, told him to stop being such a stubborn old ass, and moved him into her house. (The one with the grandson.)
BrokebackMountain  *futurefic  *comingout  °basingstoke 
november 2015 by mayachain
Breakeven [by idoltina], PG-13 - NC-17
5-fic-series: Kurt finally starts a local chapter of PFLAG and with the particular members he gets to join up, let's just say things get sufficiently awkward. (The one without Sebastian, college!future and eventual Karofsky/Luke.)
gleefic  KurtHummel  BlaineAnderson  DaveKarofsky  BurtHummel  SantanaLopez  BrittanyPierce  MrAnderson(Glee)  *comingout  *futurefic  *  canon!pairing(s)  *friendship  *de-angst  *proposal/wedding  *love!fic  *sleep!fic  *hug!fic  °idoltina 
december 2013 by mayachain
And We Were Kissing Girls In Fall Out Shelters [by gala_apples}, PG-13
When 15-year-old Beth tells her Mom she needs to talk to gay people, Shelby sets her up with adults who need definitions more precise and wider than that.
gleefic  genfic  *futurefic  *comingout  ShelbyCorcoran  Beth  NoahPuckerman  QuinnFabray  *love!fic  *hug!fic  °gala_apples 
september 2013 by mayachain
Day of Silence [by thetimesinbetween], PG-13
This is a story about support, love, and friendships that are more like family. There is Kurt and Blaine being their spectacularly adorable selves; Santana being Santana in all her fiery, vulnerable glory; Quinn being a strong, independent woman; Dave Karofsky grappling with who he is and who he wants to be; and Nick and Jeff...well, you'll have to read on to see about them.
gleefic  canon!pairing(s)  *  KurtHummel  BlaineAnderson  SantanaLopez  DaveKarofsky  BrittanyPierce  QuinnFabray  NoahPuckerman  RachelBerry  WillSchuester  EmmaPillsbury  MrAnderson(Glee)  MrsAnderson(Glee)  BurtHummel  CaroleHudson  FinnHudson  ArtieAbrams  MercedesJones  SamEvans  TinaCohenChang  MikeChang  LaurenZizes  *homophobia  *love!fic  *friendship  *loyalty  *cuddle!fic  *hug!fic  *comingout  *backstory  *grief!fic  DaltonStudents  °thetimesinbetween 
july 2013 by mayachain
'Til the Lights Go Down in New York City [by jule1122], PG
In the summer of 1985, Brian joins Michael for the annual Novotny vacation in the Poconos amd meets Vic for the first time.
QaF  genfic  BrianKinney  VicGrassi  *friendship  *backstory  *comingout  °jule1122 
may 2013 by mayachain
a voi armata non mostrar pur l'arco [by abriata], PG-13
There is another friar causing trouble in the north, and Cesare has to fix it. A story about family, Ferrara, and feelings Michelotto doesn't have.
TheBorgias  Yuletide  Cesare/Micheletto  Cesare&Lucrezia  *comingout  *first-time  *becoming!fic  *loyalty  °abriata 
january 2013 by mayachain
As Normal As Things Were Likely to Get [by Bifteki], PG
Troy decided that Chad had become far too skilled at avoiding the question. All he wanted was for everything to go back to normal, whatever normal was supposed to be.
*friendship  *comingout  °bifteki  Chad/Ryan  hsm 
december 2012 by mayachain
Of Secrets And Confessions [by Miya_Morana], PG-13
Strange things are happening in Beacon Hills, but Danny refuses to let his brain go to Buffy-esque places, because he believes in science and reasonable explanations. When his friends are ready, they will tell him what's going on with them, he knows that. Meanwhile, he realizes that Stiles might be more than meets the eye as they start to become friends.
teenwolf!fic  danny_stiles  StilesStilinski  Danny(TeenWolf)  ScottMcCall  JacksonWhittemore  DerekHale  LydiaMartin  *friendship  *comingout  *becoming!fic  *revealed!fic  °miya_morana 
november 2012 by mayachain
Some People Just Collect Stamps [by Closer], PG-13
Phil wakes up in a hospital room. Last he knew, Clint was compromised and not likely to survive. Jarvis has information relevant to the Avengers' interests.
avengers!fic  timeline:avengers  PhilCoulson  SteveRogers  NickFury  ClintBarton  TonyStark  NatashaRomanov  BruceBanner  *alive!Phil  *hospital!fic  *de-angst  *friendship  *StarkTowerClubhouse  *comingout  Jarvis  °closer  *post-canon  Clint/Coulson 
may 2012 by mayachain
rumor has it [by gyzym], NC-17
Santana never forgives Finn for outing her. It takes a long time until it doesn't matter anymore.
gleefic  glee.ep.mashoff  SantanaLopez  BrittanyPierce  canon!pairing(s)  FinnHudson  *futurefic  *comingout  *hardfeelings  KurtHummel  BlaineAnderson  °gyzym  *tag 
january 2012 by mayachain
Just So Long and Long Enough [by team_sheppard_anon], PG-13
While Atlantis is on Earth, Dave Sheppard learns more about his brother and gets drawn into a tangle of secrets and truths.
sga-fic  DavidSheppard  JohnSheppard  RononDex  TeylaEmmagan  samcarter  *Earth  *backstory  *hospital!fic  *comingout  °anonymous  RodneyMcKay  McKay/Sheppard 
september 2011 by mayachain
The New Attractive to Me is Divine [by undersomestairs], R
Blaine transfers to William McKinley for his junior year. He joins the football team, where he befriends a closeted Dave Karofsky and falls for a cheerleader- Kurt Hummel.
gleefic  *becoming!fic  *football!team  *friendship  *homophobia  Azimio  BlaineAnderson  BrittanyPierce  CoachBeiste  DaveKarofsky  FinnHudson  Kurt&Finn.Hudmel  NoahPuckerman  SantanaLopez  *comingout  °undersomestais  *  Kurt/Blaine 
september 2011 by mayachain
Anyone Can Play Guitar [by Paddynmoon.], NC-17
Wherein Dudley and Piers are in a band, they need a new bass guitarist, and Harry introduces them to Dennis Creevy. A Dennis Creevy who is not annoying at all and instead catches Dudley's eye.
*futurefic  *reconciled!fic  *becoming!fic  *first-time  *homophobia  *comingout  °paddynmoon  HP!fic  DudleyDursley  HarryPotter  *dudley&harry  *singing/performing 
september 2011 by mayachain
Some People Consider Fairies to be Angels [by diary], PG-13
Justin often overhears people professing the belief that he's gay, but until Austin kissed him, he himself had never been sure.
UglyBetty  Justin/Austin  *becoming!fic  *comingout  *love!fic  *friendship  °diary 
september 2011 by mayachain
Being Yourself Isn't Always Easy [by rivulet027], PG-13
Karofsky can't take it anymore and comes out, faces McKinley, prepares himself to get thrown out by his parents and sorta-maybe-but-not-quite reconciles with Kurt.
gleefic  genfic  DaveKarofsky  JacobBenIsrael  RachelBerry  NoahPuckerman  Azimio  *homophobia  *comingout  KurtHummel 
september 2011 by mayachain

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