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The Blue-Collar Scholar of Minbar - [by keerawa], PG-13
The blog post by our first Earth-Minbar cultural exchange participant, Ms. Baker, is as chatty, iconoclastic, and controversial as its author.
Babylon5  outsider-pov  genfic  *anthropology  *politics  *trauma!aftermath  °keerawa 
february 2018 by mayachain
An Act of Rebellion: Eight Nights of Hope [by katmarajade], PG
During the Carrows' reign of terror, Anthony decides to bring his House together in a surprising way.
HP!fic  genfic  ErnieMacmillan  LunaLovegood  *anthropology  °katmarajade 
december 2016 by mayachain
From the Wave, we Rise [by Anonymous], PG
Sunset Wave Nation was one of the largest, an island so big they didn't have to share a women's birthing place with other nations. They must have survived with women who knew the chants, who would help with the pain.
Yuletide  Nation  Cahle  DaphneFanshaw  *anthropology  *love!fic  *trauma!aftermath  °anon 
december 2015 by mayachain
Fic: The Sacrifice of Right for Everyone [by anon], PG-13
When Minerva McGonagall discovers a cryptic note among Dumbledore's old papers, she finds herself investigating a mystery involving goblins, ancient runes, and Beedle the Bard, with the invaluable assistance of Percy Weasley.
HP!fic  genfic  *post-canon  *futurefic  MinervaMcGonagall  PercyWeasley  KingsleyShacklebolt  *anthropology  °anonymous 
december 2015 by mayachain
A Ring in the Black Sea [by basingstoke], NC-17
The crossover where Jack Harkness (in the TW S1-2 hatus) is given the unique opportunity to father Teyla Emmagan's child.
sga-fic  Torchwood!fic  *crossover  TeylaEmmagan  JackHarkness  RodneyMcKay  RononDex  JohnSheppard  IantoJones  *anthropology  *hc  *friendship  °basingstoke 
september 2015 by mayachain
A Square Peg in a Round Hole, or Junior Year of High School, Revised, A Clones Tale [by MarbleGlove], PG
Methos was just spending a year as a high school teacher; Jake O'Neil was just trying to be someone other than Jack O'Neill; neither are simple individuals.
SG-1  highlander!fic  *crossover  JackO'Neill  Clone!Jonathan  DanielJackson  Methos  Teal'c  GeneralHammond  *anthropology  *politics  *loyalty  *abandonment.issue  °marbleglove  genfic 
september 2015 by mayachain
Unbelievers [by roachpatrol], PG
“Hello,” you send to the humans as broadly and politely as you can. “Can any of you spare some assistance? This calf is tangled up in netting and we can’t get it off ourselves.”

There is a great deal of jostling and muttering, and then one human calls out, bitterly, accusingly: “Yeerk!”
animorphs!fic  outsider-pov  *futurefic  *anthropology  *Earth  °roachpatrol 
july 2015 by mayachain
Evoke [by purple_cube], R
Being reminded of the past gives Katniss a new perspective on the future.
HungerGames  KatnissEverdeen  PeetaMellark  Katniss/Peeta  *futurefic  *anthropology  *trauma!aftermath  °purple_cube 
july 2015 by mayachain
The Mantle of the New [by Azar], PG
Ivanova gets invited by Delenn to attend the Minbari version of a winter solstice holiday.
Babylon5  genfic  *anthropology  SusanIvanova  JeffreySinclair  Delenn  Lennier  *gender.issues  °azar 
january 2015 by mayachain
portrait of the artist as a middle-aged destroyer [by seventhswan], PG
After a memorable fight in an art gallery on a tiny planet apparently held up mostly by glitter and good wishes, Drax takes up painting.
°seventhswan  *anthropology  *grief!fic  *friendship  *post-canon  Drax  Gamora  Groot  PeterQuill  RocketRaccoon  guardiansofthegalaxy 
january 2015 by mayachain
Blood Thrives [by anon], PG-13
Ygritte, her mother, and her life before Winter came and she met Jon Snow.  Ygritte  hetfic  *backstory  *anthropology  °anonymous 
december 2014 by mayachain
AT THE SAME STARS [by spicyshimmy], R
First Officer Spock of the USS Enterprise is part of the away team that discovers the survivors of Tarsus IV. (Spoiler: Events are altered and neither Jim nor Spock is there when Vulcan is destroyed.)
reboot-trek  *  Spock  JamesKirk  ChristopherPike  LeonardMcCoy  ChristineChapel  AmandaGrayson  T'Pring  Kirk/Spock  Scotty  *friendship  *tarsusIV  *trauma!aftermath  *de-angst  *anthropology  *trust!fic  *school!fic  *hug!fic  *love!fic  *becoming!fic  *first-time  *moveintogether  *proposal/wedding  °spicyshimmy  *grief!fic 
september 2014 by mayachain
smittywing: [SGA fic] Hero for a New Age (Ronon Dex, Rodney McKay) (1/2)
"Superman's the last of his kind, too," Ronon said quickly. “I'm going to try to get McKay to rig me up some heat vision so I can melt steel like Superman." Two men connect through comic books.
sga-fic  RononDex  RodneyMcKay  EvanLorne  JohnSheppard  TeylaEmmagan  *anthropology  *friendship  °smittywing 
july 2014 by mayachain
Shelter and Solace [by Dira Sudis (dsudis)], PG
When civil war breaks out much earlier, Aral takes four-year-old possibly-Emperor Gregor and flees to Beta Colony.
Vorkosigan!fic  hetfic  *  AralVorkosigan  GregorVorbarra  CordeliaVorkosigan  *trauma!aftermath  *hug!fic  *parent!fic  *anthropology  °dsudis 
april 2014 by mayachain
Of Twin Stars and Other Eccentric Satellites [by winterhill], PG-13
A year into the mission, Spock and Jim have got on with things and are well on their way to that great destined friendship -- or maybe more. There’s spanner in the works, though, when a group of colonists exploring an unknown part of New Vulcan go missing, and the Enterprise crew is called in to help. The problem? The Vulcan High Council has insisted they take a guide — Spock’s wife, T’Pring.
reboot-trek  kirk/spock  *becoming!fic  *friendship  *anthropology  *injury!fic  °winterhill 
december 2013 by mayachain
Ex [by alreadystardust], PG
Carlos' ex comes to town. Night Vale loves Carlos for reasons that aren't only to do with his being Cecil's boyfriend (he's gone native without entirely meaning to), and the town looks after its own.
nightvale!fic  Carlos  Cecil/Carlos  Nightvalians  OldWomanJosie  *random.intern  *hardfeelings  *de-angst  *love!fic  *friendship  *loyalty  *anthropology  Cecil  °alreadystartdust 
november 2013 by mayachain
Almost a Statesman [by katie_m], PG
Rya'c, Teal'c's elder son, was intimately involved with the Jaffa rebellion from his mid-teens onward. Here, in a brief English-language memoir written in response to a graduate student's query in the early 2020s, he sets down his memories of his father during late 2003 and early 2004.
SG-1  outsider-pov  Teal'c  DanielJackson  Rya'c  *politics  *futurefic  *anthropology  *separation!fic  °katie_m 
november 2013 by mayachain
Beyond the Mists [by Carmarthen], PG-13
There are stranger, more dangerous things in lurking in the mists of Caledonia than Marcus or Esca ever imagined. If they are to find the Eagle, they must first survive the terrible lizards, which will not be so easy if they cannot trust each other.
eagle!fic  genfic  MarcusAquila  Esca.MacCunoval  *notquitethereyet  *  *friendship  *loyalty  *anthropology  *injury!fic  *slavery  °carmarthen 
february 2013 by mayachain
No other Hands [by Adina], PG
Gimli tends to his Axe's blade after Helm's Deep.
Tolkien  Gimli  Legolas  *anthropology  °adina  *tag 
february 2013 by mayachain
The Shieldmaidens of Erebor [by madame_faust], PG
The Battle of Five armies is saved (among others) by Dis and her female dwarves, who upon receiving news about Erebor (from Elrond) refused to sit and wait and decided to act.
Tolkien  *  *anthropology  *politics  *injury!fic  °madame_faust 
january 2013 by mayachain
The Subtle Arrangement of Stones [by Nemo_the_Everbeing], PG-13
Ambassadors Mollari, Delenn, and G’Kar are kidnapped by the Homeguard. It goes according to no one's plans: Earth dithers, Ivanova stews, Kosh is his usual helpful self, Franklin makes assumptions, Sinclair tries to hold everything together, the three aides mount a cockamamie rescue, and Delenn hopes only to keep Londo and G’Kar from killing one another long enough for someone else to do it. A first season ambassadorial romp.
Babylon5  genfic  Yuletide  *loyalty  *anthropology  °anonymous 
january 2013 by mayachain
The Earring [by philomytha], PG-13
Aral and Cordelia on a state visit to Beta Colony. What earrings should Aral wear, if any?
Vorkosigan!fic  AralVorkosigan  CordeliaVorkosigan  *anthropology  *homophobia  *love!fic  °philomytha 
april 2012 by mayachain
Offerings to History [by sister_coyote], PG
Duv Galeni, nephew of Solstice martyr Rebecca Galen, is friends with the Butcher of Komarr's son.
Vorkosigan!fic  genfic  DuvGaleni  MilesVorkosigan  AralVorkosigan  *friendship  *grief!fic  °sister_coyote  *anthropology 
april 2012 by mayachain
So Good to You [by sga_santa], PG-13
On a mission in the Milky Way, John and Vala have to get married and somehow... don't get around to getting divorced.
sga-fic  *futurefic  *earth  ValaMalDoran  JohnSheppard  CameronMitchell  TeylaEmmagan  RononDex  Teal'c  SG-1  *anthropology  *injury!fic  °anonymous 
december 2011 by mayachain
Just Say ... [by penknife], PG
Ronon observe the various drugs people use on Atlantis.
sga-fic  genfic  RononDex  *anthropology  °penknife 
september 2011 by mayachain
The Words That Bind [by chandri], PG
Teyla goes to Rodney for an explanation of an "before-after" image of a girl in a magazine.
sga-fic  Rodney&Teyla  *friendship  *anthropology  °chandri  TeylaEmmagan  RodneyMcKay 
september 2011 by mayachain
IDIC [by jimandblair], PG
When Teyla rescues John from drowning, the water washes away her wig. Cultural issues ensue.
sga-fic  genfic  *anthropology  *bodyimage  Lt.Ford  °jimandblair  TeylaEmmagan  JohnSheppard  RodneyMcKay 
september 2011 by mayachain
Model Minority (Stereotype A) [by lookninjas], PG
How Mike Chang tried to be like everyone else, and then Sue Sylvester called him "Other Asian" and he went all militant. (Tina's words).
genfic  gleefic  MikeChang  TinaCohenChang  MattRutherford  *anthropology  *pre-het  °lookninjas 
september 2011 by mayachain

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