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9th January 1728 - Thomas Warton, 'Written at Stonehenge' writer was born · salisburyandstonehenge.net
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Microsoft Word - Thesis Master Document.doc - Scully_2010_Discourses_auth_nat_id_Irish_diaspora_England.pdf
While the
Irish Post
represented a resource for those Irish already in
England, the new
wave of Irish migrants arriving in England in the 1
980s, as well as the emergence of a
specific second generation Irish culture, exemplifi
ed by bands such as the Pogues, changed
the profile of Irishness in England (although Campb
ell (1999) argues that the Pogues
themselves “tended to gravitate towards a narrow, e
ssentialist form of Irishness” and that a
subtler form of second generation Irish music was e
xemplified by the work of John Lydon
and the Smiths).
august 2018
The Pogues: 30 Years – review | Music | The Guardian
In 1984, not long before the first album in this nine-disc, career-spanning box set was released, the Pogues made their television debut on an ITV regional programme called South of Watford. Watching it now, you get the feeling the show was trying to make sense of a band who had inexplicably chosen to start playing Irish folk music at a time when the folk scene was supposed to be in a state of terminal decline.
It first suggests, a little unconvincingly, that the Pogues are part of an ongoing pub-rock revival. Then it sets them up as paragons of authenticity in an MTV world: they are, it approvingly notes, "ignoring the accepted rules of synthesiser, pop and video".

In reality, the Pogues were no more authentic than the artists they were supposed to oppose. Hailing from such far-flung corners of the Emerald Isle as Eastbourne, Stoke-On-Trent and Salford, the band's members nevertheless dressed up, as frontman Shane MacGowan put it, in clothes that were equal parts "Brendan Behan and typical Irish granddad". Furthermore, mention of MacGowan's name virtually guarantees that someone in the comments section will sneeringly mention he was educated at the same prep school as Dan Stevens off Downton Abbey and, briefly, at Westminster. It didn't matter: for one thing, rock and pop music is supposed to be an arena in which anyone can reinvent themselves with impunity. Besides, MacGowan might reasonably argue, he never set himself up as a poet of the working classes so much as an underclass of outcasts – "the junkies, the drunks, the pimps, the whores," as he sang on The Boys From the County Hell – and people from all backgrounds and walks of life end up there.
august 2018
Finding Windows Build Numbers
function Get-OSInfo
$path = 'Registry::HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion'
Get-ItemProperty -Path $path -Name CurrentBuild, UBR, ReleaseID, CompositionEditionID |
Select-Object -Property CurrentBuild, UBR, ReleaseID, CompositionEditionID

august 2018
Richard Thompson: The Minstrel’s Tale. By Mat Snow : Articles, reviews and interviews from Rock's Backpages.
One such are the Pogues, who Richard had supporting him in 1985 in the first flush of their popularity in particular and that of the folk-rock revival in general. "I think the Pogues are better in theory than in practice," Richard reckons. "I like the punk-traditional idea, but they do Irish music a disservice. They do lreland a disservice! The image of Ireland doesn't need a music-hall fall-down drunk Irishman representing the new wave of Irish traditional music. It's a time when Ireland needs to be respected much more as a country and as a tradition. People will just laugh at a band like the Pogues, and people do. I wish the Pogues were a band to be taken seriously, because they write really good songs and are becoming a musical band. Their image is the only problem I have with them. I wish they presented something a bit more noble, like when Christy Moore gets onstage and he has a lot of nobility as an Irishman, whereas Shane MacGowan confirms all your suspicions.
august 2018
Shane MacGowan: One More For The Road. By Mick Brown : Articles, reviews and interviews from Rock's Backpages.
"For a long time, the audience in Ireland was very upset by them," says Robinson, who's also Irish. "Irish people have a worry on their shoulders that they're going to be seen as Paddies, whereas Shane was very happy to be a Paddy. He wanted to be more Paddy than the Paddies."
august 2018
Cross Platform: Jem Finer. By David Toop : Articles, reviews and interviews from Rock's Backpages.
"There was always this myth about The Pogues, that it was all Irish music, but to start with we used to do "All Tomorrow's Parties", Country things, rockabilly things. I always used to say it was like the restaurants we used to go to — Greek music, Turkish music, Spanish music. It was before there was something called World Music. Tradition started to be not such a dirty word. I was quite aware of that with folk music. When I was a kid growing up in Cheshire I used to go to a lot of folk things and they were very worthy. But playing these things with The Pogues — they were brilliant songs, great melodies and lyrics. I think that started to make me listen to things very differently."
august 2018
The Pogues: For A Few Ciders More. By David Quantick, Sean O'Hagan : Articles, reviews and interviews from Rock's Backpages.
NME: Is there a danger of encouraging the "drunken Paddy" stereotype?
Jem: "Rubbish. Complete crap."

Shane: "Look, the point is the sort of stuff we do – which is a mixture of Irish and Scottish folk stuff, country, a bit of rockabilly – obviously, all those sorts of music...God! I sound like Paul Morley! All those types of music are played in bars, y'know.
august 2018
The Pogues: Mahone Ranger's Handbook. By Gavin Martin : Articles, reviews and interviews from Rock's Backpages.
Shane: "I haven't a clue how our own songs stand up. Obviously they are not as good as Irish folk songs, but we're not an Irish folk band as such. Most of our songs are about London."
august 2018
Roger Hollis and Elli « Vukutu
moberly hollis peter the great fifth man
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july 2018
Demystifying Schannel | Ask Premier Field Engineering (PFE) Platforms
The new version of IIS Crypto sets the client side settings by default. The old version of IIS Crypto only set the server side settings. If you are trying to lock down your web server and forget to uncheck that box while doing something like disabling TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 you quickly find out after a reboot that you no longer have connectivity to your database.
Also, keep in mind that IIS Crypto is all or nothing scripted solution. At launch, IIS Crypto reads all the registry key values to populate the interface. When you hit the apply button, all values that are displayed are written back to the registry, regardless of whether you changed anything or not including the client side settings if you didnt uncheck the client side settings checkbox.
july 2018
Shane MacGowan: The tail-end of a great Irish tradition?
It must be remembered, too, that Britain and Ireland in the mid-1980s were tinderboxes. The Pogues first album, Red Roses for Me, appeared in 1984. Five years earlier, in 1979, Margaret Thatcher had been elected prime minister in Britain, and, heading up the nastiest Tory government in living memory, proceeded to assault the British working class while also espousing a hardline militant imperialism. In 1980 and then again in 1981, Ireland had been shaken by the H-Block Hunger Strikes, which would see 10 republicans die for their assertion that they were – and should be treated as – political prisoners. Even as that crisis abated, the daily savagery continued relentlessly in the North.
july 2018
Irish and proud?
OTHERS ENGAGED MORE directly with Irish issues. Kevin Rowland used Dexys Midnight Runners’ debut single, Dance Stance, to debunk the myth of the “thick Paddy” in British culture, offering an unadorned litany of Irish authors as a riposte to the Irish jokes of the 1970s. Rowland would go on to draw on Irish sounds and styles on the band’s second album, Too-Rye-Ay(despite being advised against this by his management, who felt it would not prove popular). The band’s upbeat Irishry was an attempt, Rowland says, to show Irish culture to the British, so as to “correct the misunderstanding” about the Irish in the UK.
july 2018
Celebrating St Patrick's Day? Don't do it with the Pogues ... | Music | The Guardian
For the rest of the year, Irish people can remain in blissful denial about the fake green shadow cast by the Pogues and kindred Plastic Paddies. Alas, each St Patrick's Day they are forced to remove the blinkers and face the horrible reality, as surely as if they had been strapped to a plank and dunked in a giant vat o' Guinness. Ireland has given the world Thin Lizzy, Fatima Mansions and My Bloody Valentine. And yet it's these whooping, fiddle abusing "Oirish" musicians who have come to be regarded the world over as true custodians of the Celtic soul.
july 2018
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