The longest distance you can travel between two points in straight line without crossing any ocean or any major water bodies [1127x365] : MapPorn
Interesting that by doing this you cross many of the world's most dangerous areas, be it for wars, civil wars, civil unrest, banditism, harsh natural conditions or epidemics.
march 2017
Pinterest Analytics: 6 Tools to Drive Improved Performance
On the ‘Your audience’ page, you can see more specific information about the people who view and engage with your pins.

It is broken down by country, by region, by language and by gender, and you can look at the numbers of viewers and engaged users day by day.

To drill down further, look at the two options on the top right.

You can look at audience stats by device (e.g. on Android tablet, iPhone, mobile web, website or iPad), and you can choose between your entire audience or only those who follow you.
august 2016
30 ways to get more Facebook Ads clicks than you ever imagined - Connectio
Facebook Ads comes pre-embedded with social proofs but you can also use your ad image to show your social following.
june 2016
How I Recovered A "Dead" Twitter Handle - dynamitecircle
The site had been dead for years at this point & the fact that they let the domain lapse tells me that they didn't care about it enough to renew it for the $7.

Also - considering at that point, they had no access to the email address that the account was set up with, I'm not sure exactly how we would have retained access if he wanted to...

Again, I think this was a little bit of "luck" and not necessarily recommending other people do it, but it is a creative way to think about things.

If you really want to make sure you avoid all of this, you can file a trademark and go through Twitter's process for that (we're gonna be filing one soon anyways).
twitter  social 
may 2016
How I Use Pinterest to Make Content Go Viral | Social Media Today
4. Pin descriptions should accurately describe your pin and you have 500 characters to do so. Again, you want to incorporate SEO-friendly keywords. For example: if you’re pinning an article about finding a reputable SEO agency you could say something like “Before signing up to an SEO company, read these expert tips to understand the warning signs of an empty promise company”.
october 2015
Moving from Stocks to Investment Funds : eupersonalfinance
[–]dsndrqGermany 1 point 36 minutes ago

Of course, I was just giving examples of the most basic things you could do, personal investment strategies can vary, but in my opinion MSCI World & MSCI EM (or just an ACWI from the beginning) should be part of absolutely any portfolio.

When you got that you can start playing a little bit and weight sectors or countries a bit stronger because you believe in a bright future – but still keep that diversified. STOXX 50 is ok but personally I wouldn't buy it.

My Portfolio looks like that atm:

50% MSCI World
september 2015
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