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How to free up storage space on your Mac
macOS Sierra and later can save space by storing your content in the cloud. And new tools make it easy to find and remove large or unneeded files.
computer  icloud  storage  reference 
2 days ago by mattsaler
Add your Desktop and Documents files to iCloud Drive
Now you can get the files from your Mac Desktop and your Documents folder on all of your devices with iCloud Drive.
computer  icloud  storage  reference 
2 days ago by mattsaler
How We Improved Visual Storytelling with Templates that You Can Use, Too
The Financial Times developed a set of story formats now available to all
forwork  reference 
4 days ago by mattsaler
Tick Encounter Resource Center
The TickEncounter Resource Center promotes tick-bite protection and tick-borne disease prevention by engaging, educating, and empowering people to take action.
ticks  reference 
5 days ago by mattsaler
Backyard Tick Control
reference  ticks  yard 
5 days ago by mattsaler
Zigzag Image–Text Layouts Make Scanning Less Efficient
In two-column layouts, vertically aligned images support efficient scanning better than images that alternate placement with text.
reference  forwork  design  research  ux  ui  usability 
16 days ago by mattsaler
Audio Technica ATH-AD500 Right Headphone Cable Replacement
This repair guide will help you with the following: (1) install the right headphone cable (2) fix sound in right ear
reference  headphones  repair 
17 days ago by mattsaler
Boost up your workflow, reduce development time and generate high quality code. GenerateWP makes your development experience much faster using auto code generators.
reference  forwork  wordpress 
5 weeks ago by mattsaler
Tired of Dealing with Disrespect from Your Child? Here's What You Can Do
Provide a Negative Consequence

Most disrespectful behaviors should result in an immediate negative consequence. Take your child's age and the seriousness of the offense into consideration when determining a punishment.

Time-out can be an effective negative consequence for young children. If your 6-year-old screams in your face when he's angry, for example, send him to time-out.

Logical consequences can be effective for older children and teens. If your teen walks out the door after you’ve told him he can’t leave, or your child calls you a name, take away his privileges. You might remove his electronics for 24 hours or ground him from leaving the house for two days.
parenting  reference 
6 weeks ago by mattsaler
Heroic Knowledge Base
Powerful WordPress knowledge base plugin that works with your existing theme out of the box. Trusted by 22,462+, 30 day money back guarantee!
reference  forwork  knowledgebase  wordpress 
8 weeks ago by mattsaler
Check out Representative Bill Huizenga's Environmental Voting Record
The League of Conservation Voters' National Environmental Scorecard tracks how members of Congress vote on the most important environmental issues.
reference  huizenga 
9 weeks ago by mattsaler
Top Read Aloud Books Starring Mighty Girls
A Mighty Girl's top recommended read aloud chapter books are perfect for reading aloud with elementary-aged children or as independent reading for older children. You can view age recommendations for a specific book on its product page under the 'details' section or filter by age range on the left menu. Many of the boo
books  reference 
february 2019 by mattsaler
Why Anything Slow Cookers Can Do, Others Can Do Better
People love their slow cookers. I mean, they love them. And with good reason: Slow cookers offer a level of convenience that no other cooking method can match. But at what cost? What exactly are you sacrificing by committing to that path of least resistance, and is it actually that much more convenient than alternatives? I'm going to argue that in almost all situations in which you'd use a slow cooker, you are better off choosing one of two other options: a Dutch oven or a pressure cooker. I know it's a bold statement, but hear me out before you dismiss the idea.
cooking  reference  slow.cooker  dutch.oven 
january 2019 by mattsaler
Handling common accessibility problems
Hopefully this article has given you a good grounding in the main accessibility problems you might encounter, and how to test and overcome them.
accessibility  forwork  reference 
january 2019 by mattsaler
Learning some HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is useful if you want to become a web developer, but your knowledge needs to go further than just using the technologies — you need to use them responsibly so that you maximize the audience for your websites and don't lock anyone out of using them. To achieve this, you need to adhere to general best practices (which are demonstrated throughout the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript topics), do cross browser testing, and consider accessibility from the start. In this module, we'll cover the latter in detail.
javascript  accessibility  reference  forwork 
january 2019 by mattsaler
How to Use Salesforce Content Builder Email Studio + StoryPorts
In this video, you’ll learn how to to use the Salesforce Marketing Cloud External Content module in Email Studio and Content Builder to automatically pull in StoryPorts’ Smart Blocks and Email Content. You’ll also learn how to automate RSS, video, social, event and interactive content blocks so that they are updated with the latest content when the …
forwork  reference  video  salesforce 
january 2019 by mattsaler
About this site
Can I Emoji? displays the current status of native emoji support across iOS, Android and Windows. Find out which browsers support Emoji, and which require a helping hand. Like this site? Pass it onto your friends so they can check their platform.Read more →
ios  android  mac  forwork  reference 
january 2019 by mattsaler
Share a Template
With the Share feature, you can share your email templates with other accounts. Get tips for sending and receiving templates in Mailchimp.
reference  forwork  mailchimp 
december 2018 by mattsaler
Captain Marvel Color Scheme
Download Captain Marvel color scheme consisting of #CC4224, #F3D403, #2A75B3 and #000000. This 4 colors palette has been categorised in Black, Blue, Comic, Red and Yellow color categories.
captain.marvel  reference 
november 2018 by mattsaler
Concise Media Queries with CSS Grid
Write less CSS and organize responsive layouts with ease.
reference  forwork  css 
november 2018 by mattsaler
How to Create Accordion with Bootstrap 3 - Tutorial Republic
Learn how to use Bootstrap collapse plugin to implement expanding and collapsing functionality on elements like accordion easily without writing any JavaScript code.
javascript  forwork  bootstrap  reference  accordion 
september 2018 by mattsaler
Capturing Salesforce Leads With Form Submission | Gravity Forms
Need to send leads from your WordPress forms to Salesforce? Learn how to easily create new Salesforce leads directly from your form submissions.
reference  forwork 
august 2018 by mattsaler
Email Studio Web Collect
salesforce help; salesforce training; salesforce support
reference  salesforce  forwork 
august 2018 by mattsaler
Association of Vitiligo with Other Autoimmune Disorders
Objective: To assess the association of Vitiligo with other autoimmune disorders and to see the familial association. Design: Prospective case control study. Duration a..
reference  vitiligo 
august 2018 by mattsaler
15 N Park St NW Grand Rapids, MI 49544
reference  asbestos 
august 2018 by mattsaler
Time Engaged Tracking
How to integrate Parsely on your website.
reference  forwork 
july 2018 by mattsaler
How does measure engaged time?
Engaged time metric versus traditional time on site metric definitions in analytics platforms including the dashboard.
reference  forwork 
july 2018 by mattsaler
Dynamic Tracking
How to integrate Parsely on your website.
reference  forwork 
july 2018 by mattsaler
A Running List of How Trump Is Changing the Environment
The Trump administration has promised vast changes to U.S. science and environmental policy—and we’re tracking them here as they happen.
reference  environment  epa 
may 2018 by mattsaler
Beautiful Free Images | Unsplash
Beautiful high quality free images and photos you can download and use for any project. No attribution required.
forwork  reference  design  photography 
march 2018 by mattsaler
WooCommerce Docs
The Stripe payment gateway for WooCommerce lets you accept payments directly onsite, and includes the option to accept ApplePay and Bitcoin and many more different international payment methods. Download it now at See Changelog. Installation Go to Plugins > Add New on your WordPress site. Enter WooCommerce Stripe in the Search Plugins …
reference  ecommerce 
march 2018 by mattsaler
Just another WooThemes Demo site
reference  forwork  ecommerce 
march 2018 by mattsaler
Domain Statuses
This article will help you understand the domain statuses on our Domains page, learn how to trigger a DNS check, and how to fix common issues.
forwork  reference  dns  wpengine 
february 2018 by mattsaler
How to reset NVRAM on your Mac
If you experience issues related to settings stored in NVRAM, resetting NVRAM might help.
reference  apple  maintenance 
february 2018 by mattsaler
Mindfulness for Children
Children of all ages can benefit from mindfulness. It can help parents and caregivers, too. Here are tips for children and adults of all ages for how to be more present.
meditation  parenting  reference 
november 2017 by mattsaler
America’s ‘Retail Apocalypse’ Is Really Just Beginning
The spillover from retailer debt will flow far and wide across the economy.
reference  amazon  business  economics  finance  retail 
november 2017 by mattsaler
The Ultimate Guide to Domain Mapping with WordPress and Multisite
The WPMU DEV Blog provides tutorials, tips, resources and reviews to help out any WordPress user
wordpress  multisite  reference  forwork 
june 2017 by mattsaler
The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Multisite
The WPMU DEV Blog provides tutorials, tips, resources and reviews to help out any WordPress user
wordpress  multisite  reference  forwork 
june 2017 by mattsaler
How to Setup HTTPS Locally Without Getting Annoying Browser Privacy Errors
Setting up HTTPS locally can be tricky business. Even if you do manage to wrestle self-signed certificates into submission, you still end up with browser privacy errors. In this article, I’ll walk you through setting up self-signed certificates and show you a nice little trick to quiet browser privacy errors. For at least a year …
reference  forwork  ssl 
may 2017 by mattsaler
Compare Proposals to Replace The Affordable Care Act
President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress have committed to repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (ACA). How do their replacement proposals compare to the ACA? How do they compare to each other? Includes proposals from Tom Price, Paul Ryan, Bill Cassidy, and Rand Paul
reference  healthcare  aca 
february 2017 by mattsaler
How Flexbox works — explained with big, colorful, animated gifs
To accomplish this, it lets containers decide for themselves how to evenly distribute their children — including their size and the space between them. In this article, we’ll dive into the 5 most…
reference  forwork  css  flexbox 
february 2017 by mattsaler
Web Collect
This document contains conceptual information and code samples that you can use when configuring the Web Collect feature. Contact your representative to enable this feature on your account. Be sure to see the Code Samples at the bottom of this
forwork  clients  reference 
december 2015 by mattsaler
Chrome Devtools Tips & Tricks
Lately I’ve spent more time than usual using the Chrome Developer Tools. Along the way I found a couple of nice features that I had previously missed (...
forwork  reference  tools  webdev  chrome  devtools 
november 2015 by mattsaler
Potentially the Best File on the Internet for Web Developers
Of course this is a big call, but having utilised various parts of this file on many occasions with large amounts of success, it sure does rank as an important resource, especially as server configuration is not my strong point.
reference  apache  forwork 
november 2015 by mattsaler
Using Images in HTML Email
I'm Jason, a designer and writer working to educate people about HTML, CSS, and email design. Yes, email.
reference  forwork  emails 
may 2015 by mattsaler
How To Stop Search Engines From Indexing Specific Posts And Pages In WordPress
Search engine spiders will crawl your whole website to cache your website’s pages for their index. In general, most website owners are happy for search engines to crawl and index any page they want; however there are situations where you would not want pages to be indexed. For example, if you are...
reference  seo  forwork 
april 2015 by mattsaler
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