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Annotating webpages in Chrome - Matt Maldre
Love #marginalia? You'll like my idea for highlighting and notating webpages: Love #marginalia? You'll like my idea for highlighting and notating webpages: — Matt Maldre (@mattmaldre) April 9, 2014
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Friday Reads: “Stop Lurking. Start Participating” by Susan Murphy | Critical Margins
Yes! It comes down to are you just consuming, or are you also producing? I wish to do both. Right now I do too much consuming, and not enough producing. Last year when I was considering purchasing an iPad, I hesitated, because it’s largely a consuming device. Not so much a device for producing. But I have found the iPad to be good for PDF marginalia (but at somepoint I need to produce something with the marginalia), and the iPad is a great tool for producing sketches with the Brushes and ArtRage apps. Anyways, back to your point about social media and participating. It’s shocking to me how many people do not participate. I’m glad you shared your concerns about showmanship. That helps to illuminate why some people don’t share. I suppose it’s also a fear thing. People are afraid to reveal their insides. Wow, I’d love for people to read Seth Godin’s “The Icarus Deception.” I believe that book would inspire people to create.
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Modern Marginalia - The
@the_rumpus Yes please! I love marginalia. I would love to read other's notes. I've been begging with amazon to allow us to easily read other people's notes right inside the Kindle app.
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Friday Reads: “The Art of Marginalia” by Jocelyn Kelley and “The Psychology of Books” by Dell Smith | Critical Margins
Yeah! I'm very happy to find your blog which talks about marginalia (and other publishing topics). I have been a long lover of marginalia. In fact, I discovered your blog, because I have an RSS feed in Google Reader that searches for tweets that include the hashtag #marginalia. Your tweet about @harvard's open collection of historical #marginalia came up. One of the things that I love about blogs is the built-in marginalia system through comments. This very comment in of itself is a form of marginalia. I should blog more about marginalia. I was surprised when I searched for the term in my blog, there wasn't many posts that came up. Only one stood out: Using the iPad to write marginalia in the margins of online articles. I'll be very happy to give this Jocelyn Kelley article a read. Thanks for linking to it. I'm also very happy to find your blog. I look forward to your future posts (and to checking out your arc...
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