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Two Things Local Chicagoans Do That Tourists Don't Do - Chicago Elevated
Oh wow, what a great question. The things I'm thinking about are things Chicagoans AND tourists don't do. Well, at least most Chicagoans. I really enjoy picking one street in Chicago and walking it for miles. Or on the counter of that, start walking in one direction, and then you just follow the street lights. If you get to a red light, then you go left or right. The idea is continual walking non-stop. Although, both of these ideas aren't really Chicago-specific. You could do this in any town.

Let's see, chicago-specific ideas.
1) Walk around the second floor of the Walgreens inside the Wrigley Building. Awesome views!
2) Wander around the looming shelves and stacks at One Stop Comics in Oak Park.
3) Visit the insane fireworks display at Winnemac Park

Oh wait. I have one thing that Chicagoans do that tourists don't: go to Movies in the Park.
Or go to concerts at Millennium Park. Do tourists do the concerts there? I don't think they do. Although they would have to, right? It's right there in tourist-central.
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june 2017 by mattmaldre
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