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Debunking the 5 Big Myths about WordPress | Kristen Thomaselli
RT @RocketLiftInc: It's always great to see a smart take on WordPress in the media — like this myth debunking article on Huffpo.
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september 2015 by mattheweppelsheimer
What makes Twitter Twitter? - alt.adrianshort
"Now I might be in a small minority but I’ve sent over 15,000 tweets and I’ve never heard anyone raise even the mildest concern that their Twitter experience isn’t consistent. Consistent with what? Consistent with the new “interactive experiences” that Twitter is building into the platform which will presumably only be effectively supported by its own client apps."
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june 2012 by mattheweppelsheimer
Programming the post-human: Computer science redefines “life”—By Ellen Ullman (Harper's Magazine)
This (long) article made me less certain of AI, or perhaps more sure that human intelligence is distinct. ht @smbrown
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may 2012 by mattheweppelsheimer

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