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How To Prevent A Bad Smell With Long And Low Sous-Vide Cooks
Scalding after vacuum sealing to prevent lactobacillus contamination
november 2017 by matthew.hunt
Foolproof Cracklin’ Crème Brûlée | Sous Vide Recipe | ChefSteps
Placed frozen raspberries in jars with custard. Added vanilla bean to wet ingredients. Had to bake in a water bath because the damn Nomiku broke while heating.
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december 2016 by matthew.hunt
Greek-American Lamb Gyros Recipe | Serious Eats
9/2016: Doubled recipe using 1 lb ground lamb and 1 lb ground beef from the farmer's market. Redoubled garlic and added a dash of Aleppo pepper. Formed two loaves and cooked sous vide 155 F for 3 hours. Chilled in ice bath and refrigerated overnight. Sliced and finished under broiler. Really good!
recipes  Greek-food  lamb  sous-vide 
august 2016 by matthew.hunt
Browning solution
a shortcut for small quantities:
mix 1/4 tsp honey or glucose syrup and a small pinch of baking soda into a shotglass of water.

Sauté in a medium-hot pan with butter. Pan should be hot enough to brown butter but not blacken it.
sous-vide  cooking-technique 
january 2015 by matthew.hunt

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