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Telco 2.0: Vodafone: “Smart Cooperation” = Telco 2.0
(The history of actual gardens is telling; despite the huge amounts of money 18th century aristocrats spent on their gardens, they were very much dependent on importing plants raised by deeply middle-class Dutch experts’ businesses and on the work Kew did raising weird tropical plants in European conditions as experiments. On the other hand, as well as spending the money, they were also the leaders of fashion, which kept the Dutchmen in business and encouraged innovators.)
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march 2009 by mattedgar
Bruce Sterling: Why Does Bruce Sterling Hate Web 2.0?
The original sin of geekdom is to think that just because you can think algorithmically and impose it on a machine that this is disembodied intelligence. That is just rules-based machine behavior. Just code being executed. Sure it's an art and science. Calling it intelligence is dehumanizing. It makes you look delusional, sad and pathetic. It's like being an old woman whose only friends are cats.
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february 2009 by mattedgar
Report: Corporate Blogs Not Trusted - ReadWriteWeb
According to a new report by Forrester Research, corporate blogs are the least trusted information source of all. Only 16% of online consumers who read corporate blogs say that they trust them.
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december 2008 by mattedgar
Telco 2.0: Forget Mobile Advertising…Think Bigger
"The problem at the moment is that too many pundits and practioners consider advertising as the end-game for the platform play. An alternative view is that is is just the beginning. It may not be big enough it in its own right but, combined with the other
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november 2007 by mattedgar

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