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Product design at GitHub — Warpspire
"Every employee at GitHub is a product designer. We only hire smart people we trust to make our product better. We don’t have managers dictating what to work on. We don’t require executive signoff to ship features. Executives, system administrators, developers, and designers concieve, ship, and remove features alike."
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march 2011 by mattedgar
Can Apple Find More Hits Without Its Tastemaker? -
"In a conversation years ago, Mr. Jobs said he was disturbed when he heard young entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley use the term “exit strategy” — a quick, lucrative sale of a start-up. It was a small ambition, Mr. Jobs said, instead of trying to build companies that last for decades, if not a century or more. "
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january 2011 by mattedgar
Lost Garden
A practical process for creating great game designs
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april 2010 by mattedgar
Six Sigma and Design Thinking » Design Thinking
"Chuck Jones of Whirlpool who gives a lovely analogy of design thinkers as quantum physicists and everyone else (including the Six Sigma crowd) as Newtonian physicists. Multiple possibilities versus defined measurement."
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september 2009 by mattedgar
Clive Grinyer's Blog :: Designing customer experiences
"technology developed without any thought of how it would be used, or 3rd party application providers incapable of customising or improving usability"
design  usability  process  user  experience 
january 2009 by mattedgar
Getting Real: Half, Not Half-Assed (by 37signals)
Beware of the "everything but the kitchen sink" approach to web app development. Throw in every decent idea that comes along and you'll just wind up with a half-assed version of your product. What you really want to do is build half a product that kicks ass.
web  development  process  half 
january 2009 by mattedgar
The Wisdom of Experience
"There is no large group of people out there waiting in a breathless delirium to purchase your lousy product sooner rather than later."
agile  design  programming  business  process 
december 2008 by mattedgar
Tech Beat Apple's design process - BusinessWeek
This, Lopp admitted, causes a huge amount of work and takes an enormous amount of time. But, he added, “it removes all ambiguity.” That might add time up front, but it removes the need to correct mistakes later on.
apple  interaction  design  process  innovation  prototyping 
march 2008 by mattedgar

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