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Opportunities lost – AlphaGov | disambiguity
"Imagine that, a properly user centred government website that was agile, and shiny and amazing. Now, that’s something to get excited about."
government  web  online  user  experience  design 
may 2011 by mattedgar
Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Situational overload and ambient overload
"The cause of situational overload is too much noise. The cause of ambient overload is too much signal."
attention  information  overload  online  media 
march 2011 by mattedgar
Smarthistory, a multimedia web-book about art: discussing About Smarthistory
"We are interested in delivering the narratives of art history using the read-write web's interactivity and capacity for authoring and remixing. Publishers are adding multimedia to their textbooks, but unfortunately they are doing so in proprietary, password-protected adjunct websites. These are weak because they maintain an old model of closed and protected content, eliminating Web 2.0 possibilities for the open collaboration and open communities that our students now use and expect."
art  history  education  web  online 
january 2011 by mattedgar
Musing about the need for j’adoube in a digital world – confused of calcutta
"In chess, a player declares ” j’adoube ” or “I adjust” in order to signal that he is just adjusting the position of a piece, not moving it.... So now let’s get on to LinkedIn. Today, if I go and edit my profile, just for the heck of it, the act of CV sprucing-up will be interpreted as a leaving signal. Even if the intent were to be different. Which made me think. Maybe we need to have a j’adoube for our digital footprints, a way of signalling innocent intent."
online  adjustment  corrections  intention 
march 2010 by mattedgar
Portail Orange Innovation | Orange Innovation | Le sens des choses
"L'hyperlivre est le premier service numérique de lecture augmentée, dont la télécommande est l'ouvrage papier. Les nouvelles technologies se mettent au service du livre, en l'enrichissant de sons, de vidéos, d'interactivité, d'actualisations, accessibles depuis le papier grâce au mobile et à l'internet."
books  online  reading  france  orange 
september 2009 by mattedgar
Communities Dominate Brands: The internet, the mobile internet, and nothing but the internet? No. Actually..
"Mobile is the bigger internet. Mobile is the stronger internet. Mobile is the money internet. Mobile is the faster-growing internet. The real internet will not die. It will still continue to grow. But just like radio had to adjust after TV came along, now too, the legacy PC based poor internet (or the free internet, the advertising internet, like the free daily newspapers in many cities) will have to adjust."
internet  web  mobile  online  fixed 
february 2009 by mattedgar
Micro Persuasion: Why Text Remains King of the Web
"Without text, you're dead. You won't be found."
web  video  online  text 
january 2009 by mattedgar
Is YouTube the Next Google? - ReadWriteWeb
"Whenever his son needed any information, he would open up YouTube, type in the search term and then just watch the videos that showed up as matches. He never Googled anything; he never went to any other site; his entire web experience was confined to YouTube videos."
online  web  video  search  youth 
november 2008 by mattedgar
Macaulay on Copyright ||
advice on reading the text... "My best advice is if you feel slightly at sea, then keep sailing on. Things will become clear shortly."
copyright  property  history  law  online 
november 2008 by mattedgar
Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: What Tim O'Reilly gets wrong about the cloud
"even on the pure infrastructure end of the industry, power-law distributions (wherein a small number of companies end up capturing most of the business) may well emerge for reasons having little or nothing to do with the network effect"
online  business  network  effects  economies  scale 
october 2008 by mattedgar
Johan Söderberg, "Reluctant Revolutionaries — The False Modesty of Reformist Critics of Copyright" | Interactivist Info Exchange
The interactivity of digital media, exemplified with the computer, is a standard point of reference among mainstream scholars who celebrate an end to consumer passivity. Passivity has ended thanks to new commercial technologies, they say. [37] Somehow, the persistence of the commodity form, under which both the television and new digital media technologies have matured, is unmistakably left to the side.
copyright  media  intellectual  property  interactive  tv  online  social  software 
september 2008 by mattedgar
Social Networks: The Case for a "Pause" Button | 43 Folders
You can pause your newspaper delivery, and the newspaper never complains. Unfortunately most people online haven’t figured out that they’re just another publisher in a crowded space
social  networks  friends  publishing  online  ettiquette 
august 2008 by mattedgar
Argos fans we're not - Blog - Etre
"Heaven forbid you use your browser back button ... It's an "Empty shopping cart" devil-button in disguise."
usability  online  shopping 
july 2008 by mattedgar
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