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Nokian Jalkineet | Our Story
"With the coming of the 1990s, the company decided to narrow the product range and focus on its core expertise: the manufacture of quality rubber boots."
nokia  boots 
january 2012 by mattedgar
Nokia boss 'plans Great Purge' • The Register
"a radio engineer given the job of a Hollywood mogul"
mobile  nokia  business  media  telecoms 
february 2011 by mattedgar
Nokia's design directions - All About Symbian Feature
"Marko suggested that the whole industry is missing a trick with touchscreens; their UIs are generally immersive, requiring you to "put your head down to use them". Traditionally, Nokia has been good at doing mobile usage - one handed, blind (i.e. in the pocket) and momentary interaction (glanceability). The implication was that Nokia is looking at how these characteristics can be built into its large screen MeeGo devices."
nokia  design  touch  immersive  experience  user  interface 
may 2010 by mattedgar
My Weekend On Series 40 – Blog – BERG
"it was fascinating to realise just how good the low-end products on the mass market today are. It’s easy to talk excitedly about innovation, and the new possibilities brought by every-more-advanced technology. It’s not much harder to be excited by products for emerging and developing markets, finding ingenious ways to bring costs right down and, potentially, change lives that have never experienced new kinds of technology. But it’s a lot harder to be excited the territory that lies between those two: refinement for the mass market of the developed world; products so unashamedly not new, but instead a continuation of past innovation, often doing nothing more than bringing that technology to a wider market at a lower price."
mobile  phones  innovation  mass  market  nokia 
september 2009 by mattedgar
1,000,000,000 Downloads? - Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect
"the interesting trend to watch will be the mainstreaming of just-in-time discovery and consumption of highly focused and contextually useful applications. Think applications with an expected, useful installed life measured in minutes not days."
mobile  applications  janchipchase  trends  nokia  web 
april 2009 by mattedgar
Nokia to start Japan cell phone service in 2009: report
TOKYO (Reuters) - Nokia Corp plans to launch a mobile phone service in Japan next spring, a move expected to intensify competition among Japanese cell phone carriers, Japanese daily Yomiuri Shimbun reported on Saturday. Finnish cell phone...
nokia  japan  mvno 
november 2008 by mattedgar
Nokia Point & Find
"a new way to access information and services on the internet"
nokia  mobile  user  interface  camera 
november 2008 by mattedgar
Activity Monitor | Nokia Research Center
In a later N95 firmware release you should be able to access the raw accelerometer data by using the official sensor plug-in downloadable from Forum Nokia
mobile  nokia  research  movement  gesture  user  interface  moving  ball  fun 
december 2007 by mattedgar
Mobile Opportunity: The war between Nokia and Apple
An operator with the innovation of the open Internet behind it might be able to keep up with Nokia and Apple. But an operator working alone will be very lonely indeed.
apple  nokia  mobile  music  games  strategy 
september 2007 by mattedgar
The Big Fight 2007: Series 40 vs S60
What a modern smartphone needs in order to become truly mainstream isn't a faster processor or a larger amount of RAM, but quite simply a better battery.
comparison  nokia  smartphone  mobile  phone  segmentation  series  40  60 
june 2007 by mattedgar

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