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Smart Gorillas - 300 million NFC capable smartphones by 2014
"service complexity is a challenge in each NFC rollout."
nfc  contact  less  mobile 
april 2011 by mattedgar
Color on Android vs. iOS - John Ray - Data Driven - Forbes
"Color is a lot easier to use when you have the app’s founder, and one of the app’s designers in the same room to walk you through it."
design  mobile  apps  usabililty  presence  location 
march 2011 by mattedgar
Amazon's Android App Store Launching Tomorrow (Report)
"This is a big departure from how competing application stores, including iTunes, sell apps. Traditionally, the app prices have always been set by the retailer. But Amazon knows how to list items to move. When it comes to setting pricing, Amazon's experience may end up helping developers sell more apps than they would have otherwise."
mobile  apps  amazon  pricing 
march 2011 by mattedgar
The Mobile context
"You may wish to give higher priority to certain features research has shown people are more likely to need when on a small mobile device (your own research, into your users)."
context  design  mobile 
february 2011 by mattedgar
The lives and deaths of mobile platforms | asymco
"I can only conclude that there is a great deal of groupthink going on in the industry. A perfect setting for a disruptive entrant to change everything, all over again."
mobile  ecosystem  platform  lifecycle  longevity 
february 2011 by mattedgar
Everything Everywhere branded stores to launch | Mobile News Online
"Everything Everywhere is introducing its branding in the high street for the first time by opening five branded branded stores over the next month, offering what it calls a “21st century” retail customer experience."
branding  uk  mobile  phones  everythingeverywhere  orange  tmobile 
february 2011 by mattedgar
Nokia boss 'plans Great Purge' • The Register
"a radio engineer given the job of a Hollywood mogul"
mobile  nokia  business  media  telecoms 
february 2011 by mattedgar
Launch: Basecamp Mobile - (37signals)
"Eventually we came to the conclusion that we should stick with what we’re good at: web apps. We know the technologies well, we have a great development environment and workflow, we can control the release cycle, and everyone at 37signals can do the work. It’s what we already do, just on a smaller screen. We all loved our smaller screens so we were eager to dive in. Plus, since WebKit-based browsers were making their way to the webOS and Blackberry platforms too, our single web-app would eventually run on just about every popular smartphone platform."
mobile  apps  web  productivity  design 
february 2011 by mattedgar
Operator billing - QuirksBlog
"Eventually operator billing will replace credit cards as the dominant payment system on the web. This is a good thing, since the larger part of the world’s population is excluded from the current payment system."
mobile  payments  operator  billing 
january 2011 by mattedgar
Tom Morgan - Freelance Web Designer
@morganesque thanks for the RT. Naturally made the cut :)
design  flash  mobile  web  interaction  user  expeience  hire  tom 
january 2011 by mattedgar
Shakespeare's London for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store
"Shakespeare is the most widely celebrated writer in the world - yet in London, where he spent his working life, he is curiously neglected apart from the reconstructed Globe theatre. "
history  london  mobile  apps  places 
december 2010 by mattedgar
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