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‘Digital waste’ pollutes the online world as brands fail to listen to what people want
"Businesses are wasting time and money trying to reach people online without realising many resent big brands invading their social networks – according to findings from a global study launched by today by TNS"
social  media  people  brands 
november 2011 by mattedgar
Leeds Digital Festival: Sociality « the magic square foundation
"What I found most interesting about their answers, however, was that they recommended to always keep an eye (and ear) on who was watching and listening to your social media stream, one panellist even saying you should think of it as ‘always being at work’. The idea of moderating your own behaviour and in many ways, self-policing your behaviour, intrigued me theoretically. Social media is often heralded as a democratic tool that has opened up pathways of communication and made interaction between social, business, cultural and commercial spheres. However, the maintenance of a high level of self-regulation for those individuals using social media frequently, and interested in gaining success (whether this be socially or financially determined or otherwise) through social media, suggests that for all the supposed freedom it brings, successful exploitation from the genre comes through adhering to self-imposed regulatory procedures. This is not to say that this self-regulation did not occur in the traditional, person-to-person networking of yesterday: it did, and still does. But social media, as well as amplifying the freedoms of social interaction, also seems to amplify the extent to which personal rules are necessary when participating."
social  media  rules  behaviour  control  freedom 
october 2011 by mattedgar
" is a web service allowing users to install an artificial intelligence (bot) on their Facebook and/or Twitter account. From keywords, content analysis and activity analysis, the bot attempts to simulate the activity of the user, to improve it by feeding his account and to create new contacts with other users.

Social networks are the first medium showing the social success of a person via a statistical way (eg number of friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter). For many users, reaching the hoped-for success can become a tough and difficult task. Especially when some human factors such as shyness, introversion or personal worthless are present.

The bot does not born with a fictitious identity, but will be added to the real identity of the user to modify it at his convenience. Thus, this bot can be seen as a virtual prothesis added to an user's account. With the aim to help him to forge a digital identity of what he would really like to be and by trying to build a greater social reputation for the user. Moreover, this bot can be perceived as a threat by defrauding even more the reality of who is really who on social networks and by showing the poverty of our social interactions on these so-called social networks."
facebook  twitter  social  media  bots 
june 2011 by mattedgar
Why Twitter’s Oral Culture Irritates Bill Keller (and why this is an important issue) | technosociology
"writing is but a blip and the printed from a flash in human history. Orality, on the other hand, is perhaps the most human of our characteristics"
writing  printing  history  speech  social  media 
may 2011 by mattedgar
Funding niche news services (Phil Gyford’s website)
"I don’t know if Edgar’s balance between number of people and amount of money is optimal (no one does), or if it’s sustainable, or if it could ever be enough to fund a useful service. But it certainly sounds like another possibility."
news  payments  media  web  SaveGdnLeeds 
may 2011 by mattedgar
Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Situational overload and ambient overload
"The cause of situational overload is too much noise. The cause of ambient overload is too much signal."
attention  information  overload  online  media 
march 2011 by mattedgar
Get the Report | Media Piracy in Emerging Economies | A Report by the Social Science Research Council
"Policymakers and their staffs are considered residents of middle and low-income countries for the purposes of this license, and can obtain the report for free."
copyright  licensing  research  media  prices 
march 2011 by mattedgar
"Umberto Eco once wrote a memorable essay arguing that the Apple Mac was a Catholic device, while the IBM PC was a Protestant one. His reasoning was that, like the Roman church, Apple offered a guaranteed route to salvation – the Apple Way – provided one stuck to it. PC users, on the other hand, had to take personal responsibility for working out their own routes to heaven."
apple  media  content  payments  platforms 
march 2011 by mattedgar
"Sure, you can get around the irritating sync-issue, but doing so requires a degree of faff and brainwork, like solving the famous logic problem about ferrying a load of foxes and chickens across a river without it all ending in feathers and death."
apple  syncing  cloud  devices  portability  media 
february 2011 by mattedgar
Nokia boss 'plans Great Purge' • The Register
"a radio engineer given the job of a Hollywood mogul"
mobile  nokia  business  media  telecoms 
february 2011 by mattedgar
The Twitter Revolution Must Die
"What a strong affirmation of ourselves it is to believe that people engaged in a desperate struggle for human dignity are using the same Web 2.0 products we are using!"
twitter  politics  social  media  revolution 
february 2011 by mattedgar
potlatch: the tedious ethic and the spirit of capitalism
"Hardt and Negri suggest that sheer sociability (speech, sympathy, affect etc) is now the source of value within post-industrial capitalism, and what must be inculcated in workplaces and beyond, to be drawn on by capital. What they do not add is the extent to which sheer sociability is also sold as a product, particularly by telecom and IT companies."
social  media  telecoms  marketing  communications  banality 
february 2011 by mattedgar
Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Moderating abundance
"There are times when you want to be awash in messages and other info-bits. The resulting sense of connectedness and stimulation can be exciting and pleasurable. But it's important to remember that, when it comes to the way your brain works, information overload is not just a metaphor; it's a physical state."
time  cognitive  load  media  psychology 
january 2011 by mattedgar
Journalism's problem isn't the Internet or advertising; it's attitude
"Too many people in our industry, from publishers to cub reporters, are wallowing in a culture of failure, bringing a fatalistic attitude to their jobs, one that has been and will continue to become self-fulfilling.

Journalists' bad attitude toward their business manifests as whiny entitlement: People should communicate online under our rules; Readers should pay more for our reporting; Online publishers (in this case, Julian Assange) should play nice to the powerful like we do, too."
journalism  whining  change  media 
january 2011 by mattedgar
We need Business Verbs in Social Software « Dachis Group Collaboratory
* responded
* acknowledged
* supported
* facilitated
* concluded
* reviewed
* mark for approval
* approved
* mark for action
* delegated
language  social  media  business  actions  verbs 
november 2010 by mattedgar
Universität Siegen | Locating Media | workshop 1/2009
"The workshop will address the dual challenge of capturing the temporary and spatially changeful nature of behaviours with locative media, as well as responding to the intricate web of strong and weak social ties that make up local social networks, in order to find ways to support community practices. In terms of methodology it will focus on the potential of ethnographic approaches for investigating and evaluating the integration of media in these social settings."
conference  mobile  media  location  service  design 
july 2010 by mattedgar
"CANDDi helps you to convert more of your website visitors into customers, increasing marketing ROI and ultimately profit
We do this by tracking real individuals over multiple visits and across everyone of a your company's online presences, from email to social media, to create a complete picture of their behaviour.
CANDDi turns anonymous aggregated analytics into a rich list of targeted individuals."
web  social  media  analytics 
july 2010 by mattedgar
Transmedia experiences are not particularly new. Consider an opera, a musical comedy, a Hollywood (or better, a Bollywood) extravaganza, or an amusement park. All of these are experiences that cut across the media: sight and sound, motion and emotion. But all of these involve a transmitter of the experience and a passive audience. Creation is not new. Artists and craftspeople create. Amateurs artists and musicians create. Game players create. But in all of these activities, there are still creators and viewers. Moreover, the creativity is often limited, much as it is limited in so-called "personalization" of software or IKEA furniture: it is limited by the desires of the manufacturer. What is needed is meaningful, thoughtful creation and participation.
design  collaboration  trans  media  co  creation  games  play  creativity 
june 2010 by mattedgar
"The Millennial issue in the workplace has become symptomatic of  the uncertainty of the ‘information age’ which exaggerates the novelty of the present at the expense of the past. This generational shift is regarded as unprecedented and a unique feature of our times. The workplace (and indeed, the world) is now divided into two periods: the past where everything remained the same with little change and the current moment with its constant change where change and disruption are incessant. This rhetoric of unprecedented change is precisely that, rhetoric. What about the generational shift that occurred in the 1960s? The rise of the teenager in the post-War period was indeed unprecedented and had a huge impact on Western society. But did this result in the end of the enterprise as we know it? No, the exact opposite. It helped to forge the enterprise as we know it."
android:bookmarks  business  social  media  change  communications  networks  youth 
june 2010 by mattedgar
It’s Not All About Apps—People Use The Browser, Too | mocoNews
"some evidence that people are tapping both applications and the browser nearly equally, which should be a wake-up call to media companies or advertisers that are favoring one over the other."
mobile  apps  browser  media  advertising  search 
june 2010 by mattedgar
Why does the BBC want to send its readers away? The value of linking » Nieman Journalism Lab
"The BBC aims to double the number outbound clicks from its site by 2013. That’s double the number of people sent away from the BBC site — intentionally."
audience  links  bbc  media  hypertext 
may 2010 by mattedgar
Alice Born Digital: How Transmedia Storytelling Becomes a Billion Dollar Business
"I believe that Inanimate Alice is a breakthrough project demonstrating a new kind of reading-from-the-screen experience. Is it a billion-dollar story? Perhaps…Our vision, a package that addresses movie, game, on-line and print outcomes from the outset, is designed with this in mind. It sets out objectives and addresses issues from the beginning. It would have to be successful, but not on the scale of a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings to achieve that."
trans  media  storytelling  business  books  games 
april 2010 by mattedgar
Recent ;-) Bookmarks on Delicious
Never noticed emoticon tagging on Delicious before
emotion  tags  delicious  links  emoticons  social  media  recommendation  mood  ;-) 
april 2010 by mattedgar
OBJECT challenges ‘sex object culture’ – the ever increasing sexual objectification of women in the media and popular culture through lads' mags, advertising or lap dancing clubs."
feminism  gender  politics  uk  media 
april 2010 by mattedgar
Welcome to Collca
"Founded specifically as an ePublisher, Collca currently publishes book-derived and other educational and reference mobile apps initially for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. More platforms will be added as required.

The Cold War In An Hour by Rupert Colley is our first app to be on sale in the Apple iTunes store. We are planning a lot of future titles both in the History In An Hour series and for other series."
mobile  apps  media  content  e  books  history 
april 2010 by mattedgar
"Back then, geeks were unused to other industry sectors barging into our little rustic byte farmyards with their fancy suits and corporate triumphantly about digital convergence, and then, seconds later, striding into the business-model threshing machine that thrummed in the corner. We did not know then that there was a queue of people like this, waiting to dance past us into the bloody knives. We watched their cockiness with alarm, not with the disdain that would come later (and definitely not with own brand of hubristic Internet rockstar smugness, the smugness that tempts us all to look a bit less closely at ourselves, and a bit more closely at that thresher). knives."
android:bookmarks  ipad  media  economics  publishing  apps  magazine  ebooks 
april 2010 by mattedgar
Popular Science+ – Blog – BERG
"the design work behind the Mag+ concept video was strong enough to spin up a team to produce Popular Science+ in only two months. two months."
android:bookmarks  magazines  ipad  design  media  print  digital 
april 2010 by mattedgar
"For a century, ATT’s culture had prized—insisted on—quality of service. Their HR Department worked to identify potential employees who would be willing to cut corners, but the point of identifying those people was to avoid hiring them. The idea of getting into a business where those would be the ideal employees was heresy. ATT, like most organizations, could not be good at the thing it was good at and good at the opposite thing at the same time. The web hosting business, because it followed the “Simplicity first, quality later” model, didn’t just present a new market, it required new cultural imperatives."
android:bookmarks  business  economics  complexity  media  innovation  history  change 
april 2010 by mattedgar
service design vs. media design on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
"Also I just wanted to be the first to use the term spimordial soup"
service  media  design  spimes  soup 
march 2010 by mattedgar
"EXPANDING online news service has become the first regional business publisher to offer a free iPhone ‘app', making it even easier for users to access its three business news sites while on the move."
apps  business  local  media  iphone  leeds 
march 2010 by mattedgar
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