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february 2018 by mattedgar
At Hospital with Dad. I find this type of thing infuriating! Not a leaflet to be seen!
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october 2017 by mattedgar
Cash registers: window into the retail experience - Adaptive Path
"It's funny how Apple's moves are really just taking us full circle. For our research, we also wandered the farmers' market at the Ferry Building (which happens to be next to our office). And the kind of transactions you see in that environment--chatting about the products available, handing over cash, counting out change, walking away with your item--are how we have conducted commerce for hundreds of years, and the simply human-ness of this exchange is far more appealing than the computerized beeps and back black panels and "Waiting for authorization..." that we have becomed used to. "
retail  payments  experience  design  apple  history 
june 2011 by mattedgar
The Real Reason Why Bicycles are the Key to Better Cities | Sustainable Cities Collective
"The most vital element for the future of our cities is that the bicycle is an instrument of experiential understanding. On a bicycle, citizens experience their city with deep intimacy, often for the first time. For a regular motorist to take that two or three mile trip by bicycle instead is to decimate an enormous wall between them and their communities."
cycling  cities  places  experience 
may 2011 by mattedgar
Opportunities lost – AlphaGov | disambiguity
"Imagine that, a properly user centred government website that was agile, and shiny and amazing. Now, that’s something to get excited about."
government  web  online  user  experience  design 
may 2011 by mattedgar
The Trouble with the Segway

Curiously enough, what got Segway into this problem was that the
company was itself a kind of Segway. It was too easy for them;
they were too successful raising money. If they'd had to grow the
company gradually, by iterating through several versions they sold
to real users, they'd have learned pretty quickly that people looked
stupid riding them. Instead they had enough to work in secret. They
had focus groups aplenty, I'm sure, but they didn't have the people
yelling insults out of cars. So they never realized they were
zooming confidently down a blind alley."
segway  design  user  experience  effort  less  ness 
january 2011 by mattedgar
Facebook suspends personal data-sharing feature • The Register
"Facebook seems to be rediscovering the lessons Microsoft learned when its introduced User Access Control permissions to allow apps to run in Vista. Users can get irritated by constant dialogue boxes, responding by agreeing to everything they see without considering the possible consequences."
privacy  consent  data  sharing  social  networks  user  experience 
january 2011 by mattedgar
Dan Ariely » Blog Archive Locksmiths «
"He was tipped better when he was an apprentice and it took him longer to pick a lock, even though he would oftentimes break the lock! Now that it takes him only a moment, his customers complain that he is overcharging and they don’t tip him."
perceptions  value  experience  customer  locksmiths  fairness 
december 2010 by mattedgar
The Local Maximum - 52 Weeks of UX
"In order to design through the local maximum we need a balance between the science-minded testing methodology and the intuitive sense designers use when making big changes. We need to intelligently alternate between innovation and optimization, as both are required to design great user experiences."
design  innovation  testing  user  experience  optimisation 
december 2010 by mattedgar
adaptive path » blog » Peter Merholz » The Pernicious Effects of Advertising and Marketing Agencies Trying To Deliver User Experience Design
"Such agencies have been able to hang on because Chief Marketing Officers and other executives are trained to buy marketing services from them, and they see user experience as simply another marketing service. I foresee generational change, when the current crop of CMOs retire, and are replaced by people who grok how things actually work. When that time comes, and it will, ad agencies will find themselves marginalized, as it becomes clearer that manipulation and media buying is not nearly as important as an honest engagement with customers through delightful and desirable experiences. "
design  marketing  advertising  agencies  business  experience  user 
november 2010 by mattedgar
"RJ:  Another belief I have is that when you’re designing the experience, you’re designing the business and vice versa. They are intertwining activities. If you look at the web 2.0 space generally, a lot of folks are figuring out the online experience at the exact same time they’re figuring out the business model. If they are creating a great experience, then a business model can come out of that. I think there’s a lot of opportunity in that approach."
android:bookmarks  business  design  experience  ideo  thinking 
june 2010 by mattedgar
“Design thinking is a nonsensical phrase that deserves to die” – Don Norman- 90 Percent of Everything
"When I was at Apple, we did a lot of design research [...] We did a lot. We worried about all these fundamental things. We did user studies. We went to people’s homes. [...] You know what Steve jobs did when he arrived? He fired all of us! And guess what resulted? Better products! Which have revolutionized the way we use machines. And he fired the usability groups as well.”
design  thinking  innovation  donnorman  usability  user  experience 
june 2010 by mattedgar
Mercedes-Benz UK - Kids' Driving - Kids' Driving Experience
"If you’re tall enough to reach the pedals of an A-Class (at least 1.5m), you’re old enough to Drive at Mercedes-Benz World."
driving  cars  experience  design 
may 2010 by mattedgar
Nokia's design directions - All About Symbian Feature
"Marko suggested that the whole industry is missing a trick with touchscreens; their UIs are generally immersive, requiring you to "put your head down to use them". Traditionally, Nokia has been good at doing mobile usage - one handed, blind (i.e. in the pocket) and momentary interaction (glanceability). The implication was that Nokia is looking at how these characteristics can be built into its large screen MeeGo devices."
nokia  design  touch  immersive  experience  user  interface 
may 2010 by mattedgar
Announcing the first Service Design Drinks in Leeds
"Businesses and organisations the world over are seizing the chance to re-imagine the way we do everyday things, to make them more accessible, enjoyable and productive for everyone. The tools and techniques they’re using vary widely, but some of the best fall under the umbrella of service design, and its flashier cousin design thinking."
service  design  servicedesign  leeds  north  uk  events  experience 
may 2010 by mattedgar
First Service Design Drinks in Leeds! 22 June 2010
"On June 22nd at 6pm the first Service Design Drinks in Leeds will take place with an informal and lively get together. The doors are open to everybody who is interested in Service Design and Design Thinking, in having inspiring conversations and in connecting with like-minded people while having some drinks. By everybody, we mean everybody, you could be managing/designing/delivering a service."
service  design  leeds  yorkshire  servicedesign  experience  thinking  events 
may 2010 by mattedgar
Network Effects on the Mind
"Sad to say, this realization has dark implications for young people. If you don't have a big store of ideas in your head, you won't have much in the way of network effects. It means that older people have a mental advantage over younger people. Society recognizes this, granting more power and authority to older people. Be patient, young-uns: just keep learning and your time will come."
network  effects  mind  age  experience 
january 2010 by mattedgar
All This ChittahChattah | Reading Ahead: Research Findings
" * Books are more than just pages with words and pictures; they are imbued with personal history, future aspirations, and signifiers of identity
* The unabridged reading experience includes crucial events that take place before and after the elemental moments of eyes-looking-at-words
* Digital reading privileges access to content while neglecting other essential aspects of this complete reading experience
* There are opportunities to enhance digital reading by replicating, referencing, and replacing social (and other) aspects of traditional book reading

reading  research  books  future  user  experience 
january 2010 by mattedgar
Jobs « Automattic - Happiness Engineer
"Our software and services are far from perfect, and when things go wrong people aren’t shy about contacting us asking for help. We consider the support side of the user experience to be vitally important because it’s the person who interacts with our customers most and makes the biggest impression in their time of need. In fact everyone who joins Automattic, regardless of position, does support for 3 weeks. The customers range from the everyday blogger to VIPs like CNN, Flickr, and People Magazine."
wordpress  startup  business  customer  experience  support  service 
january 2010 by mattedgar
Product design debt versus Technical debt | Andrew Chen (@andrew_chen)
"Why homepages becomes a Las Vegas visual experience Incrementally-developed UIs that are never refactored often turn into a Las Vegas visual experience over time."
android:bookmarks  design  web  homepages  usability  product  development  agile  experience  architecture 
december 2009 by mattedgar
nullpointer » Untitled Application - Leeds Expo
"Untitled Application is an interactive sound peice comissioned by MAAP and SAM for the Leeds Expo. Its an open air work hosted on one of the BBCs ‘big screens’, a range of large outdoor LCD displays in major cities of the UK. The peice itself was produced for the LEEDs Expo, a festival of sound art. The visual part... takes a council CCTV camera as a video feed and performs a series of motion tracking, blob detection functions on the input. Audience movement is used to trigger simple graphic elements on the screen which are superimposed on the camera image. People can generate interactive patterns through their physical movement across the city square.
When a person triggers an animation in a particular area of the screen a message is sent to the synthesis app which plays an apporpriate tone. The notes themselves alter pitch and timbre depending on the players behaviour and the generative variables in the synthesis system."
play  places  leeds  screens  interaction  experience  art  music 
november 2009 by mattedgar
Is Service Design Boring? « Design for Service
from comment "There is nothing more important than finding a way to document and apply rules on which the people working can produce the service that is desired. Real design is crafting the details that lead to desired service and experience instead of making fancy PowerPoint that loosely imagines the desired service and calling design ready."
service  design  front  back  stage  user  experience  systems 
september 2009 by mattedgar
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